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Custom Plastic Card Printing

Updated on April 4, 2012

Why use Custom Plastic Cards to improve your business?

If you own your own business that supplies services or products to the public or even in some cases to other businesses, you should consider investing in plastic card printing to provide extra services to your customers that will help retain their custom and build better brand recognition for your business.

Why should you use Plastic Cards to Improve your business?

In the current economic climate plenty of businesses are using different techniques to retain and increase sales. You can use plastic cards to help assist your long term strategy of building a business that will last. There are many ways you can use plastic cards to help you, you can order business cards in plastic which can be made in many different styles, more styles than the traditional card, its also a good way to try and differentiate your brand by creating a memorable business card.
Customer Loyalty and membership cards are a great way to increase business as customers will return to shop with you so that they can get the benefits of a loyalty card. Loyalty cards are an expense but its also a great way to get to know your customers habits, learn how shoppers behave and what influences them, and loyalty cards will improve repeat sales.
Gift Cards are a good way to increase sales especially at peak holiday periods when they are more likely to be purchased. You also receive the cash in advance of any purchase which will help to improve cashflow and create a service for your customers.

As you can see using different types of plastic cards in your business, can make a very big difference to your sales, brand projection and it can increase your knowledge about your buyers habits.

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Types of Plastic Cards used in Business

Plastic Gift Card
Gift cards are a great way of generating cashflow, cash can be received many months before a purchase of goods is made, it also guarantees a sale.

Plastic Discount/Loyalty card
By offering your customers discount or loyalty cards you are encouraging repeat sales from one customer

Plastic Membership Card
If you own a business that requires a subscription, plastic subscription/membership cards will help you to keep track of your members and their movements.

Plastic Business Cards
A plastic business card can differentiate you from the competition, there are many ways they can be created and they can make you stand out from competitors

Key Fobs or Key Cards
These are barcoded cards which are attached to keyrings, great for customers who are on the go, a great substitute for membership cards

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