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Customer Service Resume Examples

Updated on February 19, 2016

Your resume often gets your foot in the door

Looking for work? Are you looking for a good example of a resume. Here are a few examples of great customer service resumes that will demonstrate the best way to get your foot in the door when applying? Often, the person opening the mail will see many customer service resume examples, all vying for the same position. As a receptionist for a large company, I was often asked by my boss which of the resumes we received in the mail were worth looking at.

Resumes which were messy, wrinkled, and incomplete were rejected immediately. This is too bad because the individual might have been a very good employee but that old adage "A First Impression makes the difference" is very true. If you don't care about the appearance of your resume, will you care about your job?

Customer Service Position

The Customer Service position in a company is one for which the applicant needs to demonstrate the ability to work well with the public both in person at the counter or front desk and/or answering calls in a call center dealing either in an informational capacity or help/customer support capacity. Therefore, preparing resumes on customer service and answering calls need to include the abilities and skills that you have in dealing with the public effectively and at the same time showing a sensitivity to the customer's needs.

In general, with so many wanting to get into the workforce sending resumes for consideration, often managers simply do not have the time to review each one and might instruct whomever opens the mail to just hand through resumes that are neat, accurate and have a professional look. The appearance of the resume, whether it is for a specific position like Customer Service and answering calls, or an entry level position, could mean the difference between being automatically rejected or rushed to the hiring manager for his or her review.

In addition, a resume with a concise format often attracts the attention of the busy hiring professional. With little time to spare, lengthy, unorganized resumes can be set aside. Take the time to double-check your spelling, grammar, and dates for accuracy.

Think of it this way, your resume is often the only way to "introduce" yourself to a potential employer. You dress professionally for an the same for your resume-make sure it presents itself professionally too.

Finally, after you have mailed your resume to a company, wait a few days then make a follow-up call to check on it's arrival. Keep your name on their minds by showing continued interest in a position with them.

Professionally done Customer Service Resume

Resumes are available professionally done such as this example from
Resumes are available professionally done such as this example from

A Basic entry-level Customer Service Resume Example

First Last Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Phone (Landline or Cell)
Email Address

This is the section where you will list the colleges you attended. If you haven't yet attended college or are in the process, list your high school name and date graduated, then list the college you are attending and list it as "ongoing" rather than date graduated.

High School Name, Date Graduated (if college has not been completed)

College Name, Date Graduated

Awards, Honors

In this section, include your work history. The list should include the companies you have worked for or did an internship with, employment dates and what position(s) you held. Below the company name, list your responsibilities and any special accolades or achievements. Summer jobs can also be listed, especially if you are fresh out of high school. Remember, because this is a resume for Customer Service positions, you should try to list positions that are applicable, that somehow reflect your experience with the job.

Company #1
City, State
Dates Worked

Job Title
Responsibilities / Achievements
Responsibilities / Achievements

Company #2
City, State
Dates Worked

Job Title
Responsibilities / Achievements
Responsibilities / Achievements

In this section, include skills and training related to the customer service position you are applying for. Also include computer skills/training and foreign language abilities.

References available upon request
Only supply references if the employer requests them. Have available a list of references to give to prospective employers upon request.


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