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Customer Service and Fun Customers

Updated on August 7, 2010

I wish we had customers like this!

 Customer service in a restaurant is a very important thing. We servers don't mind waiting on you and making sure that you have the best experience while dinning with us. But do keep in mind that if you have fun and joke with us, instead of being rude and snotty, things will go better than you could ever imagine!

I am a server at a place commonly known in the southern states. Waffle House. And don't get me wrong, I actually do love my job. To a point. I love the kind of customers I get that are fun. And by fun I mean the customers that come in and smile and joke and cut up and don't mind the wait if they know the place is busy. I like the customers that will tease you if you mess something up on accident. (Which yes, as good as I think I may be at my job I do occasionally mess something up.) And my most favorite kind of customers are the fun and even occasional drunk people. And I don't mean the kind of drunks that are just plain mean and want to fight, or the kind that want to be all grabby feely. But the drunks that are care free and spontaneous.

Now I work 3rd shift, so the majority of our business does come from the bars. And living in a small town has its advantages. One of them being, I know everyone that walks through that door on a Friday and Saturday night. I know which ones are going to put a smile on my face and good tip in my pocket. And no, it's not about the tip. They could leave nothing at all and I'll still wait on them every time they come through the door because I remember the last time they came in we had a good time. We cut up, we laughed, heck we even dance with them.... It's all around a good and fun time to be had. And it's even better if you've had a pretty rough night.

Working as a Waffle House waitress is a lot harder than it looks really. We don't get paid minimum wage therefore we do rely on what people deem appropriate to leave us on the table. And most of the time it's decent and others....well let's just say I've been tempted to walk out the door behind them and tell them that they forgot their change. (yea it's pretty bad at times)

So remember the next time you should go to a place like Waffle House. We wait staff LOVE you if you are friendly and fun and make us laugh. Really it does make a ton of difference in the way that we serve you. And yes I know that I should strive to treat everyone with the best customer service as possible. But some people make it so hard to do at times.

And in conclusion to this hub, that has no real affect or bearing on anything that is remotely interesting, I was browsing on YouTube this morning watching videos (like every morning) and I came across this group of kids who were at a Waffle House and did a song. I just LOVED it and wished that we had customers that would do this kind of thing where we were at! So I hope that somewhere in this hub you have gained some insight into how to treat your future servers. Because, like I've said, it really does make all the difference!


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