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Benefits of Customisable Corporate Ecards

Updated on June 11, 2015

What are E-cards?

An E-card is similar to a postcard or greeting card except it is not created on card or paper, it use digital media. E-cards are digital content which means they are far more versatile than traditional greeting cards. One card can easily be sent to many people at once or you can customise and personalise them for specific people. E-cards are customized within a website and sent through the Internet via email to the recipient.

Customizations are endless. You can include a wide variety of backgrounds, graphic images, cartoon-style animations and music to get your message across.

A winter scene: The forest animals are having a party. They decorate the tree using green energy and celebrate together with a funky jazz jam amongst the branches.
A winter scene: The forest animals are having a party. They decorate the tree using green energy and celebrate together with a funky jazz jam amongst the branches. | Source

Why are they beneficial?

Sending a business ecard instead of a paper card is highly beneficial, which makes it an awesome form of communication and a great marketing tool. After trying and testing it, most businesses have integrated them into their own marketing plans. Some organizations have achieved great results that they’re creating special micro-sites with the ecard providers to help customize their own business ecards and be able to send them to their own prospect lists and customers. Here are the main benefits of sending ecards rather than paper versions.

The format is among the greatest reason for sending a corporate ecard. Their digital form makes it easy for one to organize them than the paper card. Therefore, no one will be left to handwrite 3000 paper cards or perhaps order the print run of about 5000 bespoke cards only to realize they required only 4500.

Being more eco-friendly, ecards for business are the best way to let your prospects and customers acknowledge that you care more about the environment that has a huge impact on the image of your brand.

Ecards for business are significantly more affordable than the paper cards. Though you may purchase a cheap from a supermarket, you will still meet the costs of finding someone to handwrite every piece nicely just before you evaluate the cost of posting each card online.

Animated ecards for business are not only captivating but also entertaining. Relaying your brand message to the target audience and entertaining them at the same, is a very powerful marketing option and it positively helps to influence the way people perceive your brand.

Most firms that provide company ecards usually allow you to include your weblink to the ecard. This is an amazing way to generate tons of traffic to your site, and remember, if your ecard is more entertaining, it has the potential to generate more traffic to your business site.

With these remarkable advantages of using ecards for business, most companies have decided to pay for the creation of their own ecard and have them hosted on a special micro-site. This project involves creating a website that mirrors the full functionality of the normal ecard. Users may choose the cards and send to their own mailing lists.

More modern companies are using this marketing tool because it is affordable, entertaining and more convincing to their target audience. Moreover, the sales message on the business ecard is subtler than conventional marketing options.

Santa blows a balloon and gets blown back whizzing round
Santa blows a balloon and gets blown back whizzing round | Source

Some of these benefits for sending Christmas Ecards

  • E-cards create memorable experience
  • E-cards are efficient and cost-effective
  • E-cards are environmentally friendly
  • E-cards drive brand awareness.
  • E-cards are a great a marketing tool
  • E-cards can have measurable metrics.
  • E-cards can have social network integration
  • E-cards establish trust.

Christmas Ecards

Show your appreciation this Christmas by sending all your clients a corporate greeting E-card. Using this medium at this time of year can have a great effect on your customers’ perception of your company.

History of E-Cards

Ecards were first started by Judith Donath at MIT Media Lab in 1994. She created a website called "The Electronic Postcard" which won a few awards including a 1995 GNN Best of the Net award. It was a slow start as only 10-20 cards were sent out in the first few weeks until it gained momentum in the Christmas of 1995. By 1996 1.7 million ecards have been sent in total. It wasn't long before other people jumped on the bandwagon.

Greeting cards themselves origniate from the Chinese who started to exchange messages of good will around their New Year. It wasn't until the early 1400's that Europe started to send handmade greeting cards. The very first known Christmas card was sent by Sir Henry Cole in London in 1843. Cole was a very shrewd business man who saw the potential. He helped bring about Penny Post which was a postal system where people could mail letters for a penny. This led him to commissioning the first official commercial Christmas cards. This was the very beginning of the commercialization of Christmas.

Websites that offer Corporate Ecards

Having looked around I have found some places that offer Coroporate E-cards.

Vidid Greetings have over 400 designs to choose from, they can be customised to include business logos and custom messages:

b2bcards offer HTML Ecards,Flash Ecards and Bespoke Ecards. There are thousands of images to choose from or you can provide your own. There will be a link to your website and can include your company logo:

WishaWish offer unique corporate Christmas cards with customization available and full social integrations. They also offer addictive interactive flash games.

Care2 offer Ecards for all occasions from birthdays to get well cards and Christmas.


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