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Updated on July 26, 2013

Vintage Collectibles


Where Do I Find The Items?

1. Find items to sell on eBay at garage sales (tag sales, yard sales). Garage sales happen almost every weekend. Some have evening yard sales, while others have their sales during the week.

2. Flea Markets (swap meets). Most are open on weekends, including Sundays.

3. Auctions. There are auctions which is best to sell items and auctions which are great to buy items. Visit your local auctions and get familiar with their sales.

Clear and concise photos with solid backgrounds are key to selling on eBay.
Clear and concise photos with solid backgrounds are key to selling on eBay. | Source

Knowing What To Sell

Selling on eBay is as easy as 1,2,3.

I suggest you find a theme. A theme is a particular line of merchandise such as scarves or belts. Something you get to know well and can easily check for damages or flaws.

You do not have to be a professional photographer to sell on eBay but good photos help sell your merchandise.

Keep in mind postage expense although buyers often pay the postage, you can get more people to traffic your merchandise when offering free postage. Buyers always love a bargain!

Here are a few suggestions on what to buy that can be found at any of the places I mentioned and are also low cost in postage:

1) Fishing lures. Wooden ones are highly collectible. Be sure and tell flaws of anything you are selling. Feel free to photograph outside just before the sun sets!

2) Jewelry. If you buy a piece you like at an auction but it came in a lot with other pieces you don't care for, don't throw it away, sell it on eBay as a large lot after collecting it for a while. Take good photographs. Pay attention to detail. Use a black or dark background especially for jewelry. Many buy old costume jewelry for craft projects. Make jewelry crafts yourself and try selling those items. Take as many measurements of your items as possible. If you are selling a pendant, for example, measure that and if a chain goes with it, measure the chain too.

3) DVDs are often found at yard sales, flea markets and auctions for a low cost. Test them for performance so you can sell them with confidence! Your eBay reputation is important for repeat buyers of your merchandise.

4) Scarves. Talk about light-weight. Scarves are an accessory that can change the look of an entire outfit and will fit in most padded envelopes! Do give measurements and color as accurately as possible.

5) Hats, headbands, hatbands, and belts are other considerations while keeping your postage at a minimum.

6) Belt buckles too are very collectible. Have your measuring tape handy for all of your descriptions and be as precise as possible. It will save you time in the long run because if you don't give measurements, you will find yourself answering emails with questions so I recommend you take the time to just do the measurements from the start.

7) Items you already own. Are you tired of your collection? Just put it on eBay and then collect something else with the money you earn from selling your current collection. It's a fun way to change your scenery!

8) Quilts and quilt-tops. Quilt tops fit in a medium flat rate postal box. It runs about $12.00 to ship and most quilt buyers don't mind paying that fee. The price depends on the pattern and condition of the quilt or quilt-top and other factors. Research and picking your theme is important.

9) Books. Pick a subject or author and stick to that or add just a few. It can be anything from college books or a popular western author. But popularity can often give you more competition because it's in demand. You decide by trial and error.



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State when props or displays are NOT part of the item being sold.
State when props or displays are NOT part of the item being sold. | Source


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