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DFW Teen Voice Tips & Advise "Self Help Development"

Updated on April 2, 2013

Decision Making Management

Teen Voice

Self help is when you do all that is in your power. Do all within your power to resolve the answer to your problem. Do all you know how to within your will to resolve your situation and circumstance in a positive way. Once you have done all you know I find out then the Higher Power force our Creator takes over and leads and guide us. It's when self help meets your your creative force meets our Creator, Higher Power strength then will carry you. Have you been so tired that you can't make another step or you are all thought out. Right at that moment you are on the path to direction and guidance to get the answer. You are the one that can't give up to continue to make a step to keep moving. Example: have your back ever been up against the wall in the middle of making a decision? Well a personal issue was going on in my life and family came to my rescue meaning i was adopted and didn't know my biological family. I will just say i didn't have the answer although i put all of me into resolving the issue. The Creator now provided me with 3 sisters and 2 brothers even other family members that i could talk to because my issue, problem was personal. They drove all the way from Michigan to Texas to make sure all was well and and i had not met them yet. How awesome is it for another power to take care of you our Creator. Personal issues spills over into your career life because you are a whole person so make the effort to explore self help the power within you and a higher power will meet you. (reference other hubs)

Yes, you can push through the unanswered questions to get to the right decision. The right decision will come which way to move and turn will come to you just don't doubt. Now is when hope and faith takes place from within. Belief shows in your actions and attitude. You walk out your true belief and path as you keep self help with positive thinking in front. You don't want to give up on whatever issue that needs to be resolved in your life. It's a matter of time before you resolve issue and you will have a breakthrough.

Think of all the discoveries we have in America and inventors. This could be you so keep going accomplish go the way with self help you will achieve. The will power within will provide you with an answer you will be given a victory if you believe. Don't just see your strength see the Higher Power the Creator force which will give you strength, save and deliver you from your issue or you will be given the answer.

Decision making management is when you know how to go through the process to make a decision on your situations and circumstances that come up in your life. Self help development by getting the understanding and knowledge you need to accomplish. You may have to read, you may have to research and may have to get advice. Don't allow yourself to get bothered, keep peace in front of you. Keep being and doing your best everyday. As you do this you will see your accomplishment which are seeking taken care of, done.

Life is going to carry you a direction weather you want to go or not EX. Just like a boat in the water without a sail it's going to move by the waves, tides coming in a direction and you will not know where you are going with out a compass. When a boat have sails and you have a compass know you in the boat you can guide the boat but what direction have you decided and chosen to go? As with life what direction will you decide go? You have the choice to make a decision on which way will you go? We have choices in our life how is your decision making management skills? Even if you make a decision how do you know it is the right decision?

Right at that moment you are on the path to direction and guidance to get the answer. You are the one that can't give up to continue to make a step to keep moving. Once you have done all you know how to do a Higher Power force your Creator takes over and leads and guide you. It's when self help meets your Creator, Higher Power strength will carry you.


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