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Did Gandhi Apply Lean Start-Up Lessons To FREE India?

Updated on September 27, 2015

The Lean Start-up Lesson is simple. When you begin as an Entrepreneur, you expose your rough idea or product to a small number of people, test and learn about your markets needs, desires and wants.

Modify your product till it satisfies the basic requirements. Once this is complete, you expose the product to the mass market.

Just like any new start-up Gandhi had a Market. It was the people of India. He had to sell a product (an idea) that they could use for themselves to make them aware that they were free.

Its potential benefits included self rule by ousting the British from the Land.

Most of the already existing ideas (mostly violence) had already failed in the past against the British. The ideas applied by United Stated in 18th Century to free themselves from the British couldn’t be applied in the beginning of the 20th Century in India. The British had become smarter now. Also, the 1857 violent revolt by India against the British had failed miserably.

So, a new product (idea) had to be created from scratch. And like any new idea, this one had to be first tested in a small market niche that was searching for a solution but did not have any leader to fulfil it, i.e. a Hugh demand but no supply. Luckily, Gandhi got this opportunity in South Africa.

Here he tried the idea of non-violence, tested and modified it and in the end came out with a rough draft and much better clarity on how the idea could work if launched in India.

By the time he came back to India, the product “Non-Violence” was already well tested to be launched on a BIG scale.

Martin Luther King took Gandhi’s idea, tested and modified it again and again to suit his market, and ultimately uplifted the Blacks without destroying the unity of the country.

Now, after Mandela, the world is yet to see another leader who modifies and tests the idea of “Non-Violence”, and applies it to his environment.


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