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DIY - Why Self Employment, IS Self Empowering!

Updated on June 5, 2011
Handpainted Sign expressing how I feel about self employment
Handpainted Sign expressing how I feel about self employment | Source

The feeling of working for yourself, feels better than working for someone else ever could.

I am writing an entire series of DIY Hubs for Hubpages regarding home and garden improvements. This article takes it a step farther and includes DIY for yourself. Read on to find out what I really am writing about when I write Self Employment is Self Empowering.

DIY - means to Do It Yourself. You learn to do things yourself, and along the way you realize how to feel good about your accomplishments. You learn as you go, and you probably will make mistakes along the way. .

But still, you have to confidence in yourself and your abilities to continue until you get the job done. You believe in yourself. As your skills grow, you take pride in a job well done.

Why not do the job for yourself, be your own boss, instead of working for someone else. That is my feeling about being self employed. It just so happens I am self employed as a DIYer too. I now love what I do, and I do it for myself. For my own peace of mind, and self respect.

Self Employment is Self Empowering - I wrote on phrase on a Barnwood Sign a few days after leaving my last job in retail. I was working long hours, feeling very unappreciated for what I was doing, and working for far less money that I had originally made when I started the job. I left the retail furniture business August 31 2009, during the economic recession and have not missed it for one minute .

When I left, I knew I wanted to be self employed again. I have been, for most of my life and really don't like giving my time to someone that calls the shots about when I can come and go, and how I have to dress when I am at their establishment.

I am my most comfortable in casual clothes, working for myself. While I consider myself a people person- I want to be the one to determine when I am around people. Working from home allows me the privilage of making my own schedule, dressing as I choose and calling the shots.

Now that I have decided to embrace the online business world I find it to be a tremondous opportunity to make a living doing something I love, without having to travel, to see clients, or knock on doors of strangers that are busy at work, hating to be intrupted.

Before working in retail furnituer I used to be a manufactures sales rep and loved the business, of helping business owners, by offering my products to them so they could make money from the sale of the products I offered.

I sold home accessories to a variety of stores including furniture, gift, hospital, decorating, and others. But all of that travel really gets old, and the costs have sky rocketed due to rising gas costs. So I got off the road and started working for a large retail furniture chain.

But as the corporate world rotates, many changes happen. Lots of these changes are not so good for the employees that work for the corporation. People are let go, or to many are hired, and in commission sales both of these factors effects the way salespeople make money.

To many people hired- costs the corporation nothing- commission sales people only get paid when they make a sale. No sales - no income- no job for long either.

People let go means everybody works longer hours, working harder gets people more burnt out without breaks. If you are beat from working 7 days in a row, most days 11 hours a day, standing on a concrete floor it really is hard to give it your all. The corporate big shots don't seem to notice the problem. They just always want more sales.

And just imagine being recognized for a job well done - Don't hold your breath! Not going to happen.

But do something wrong, and suddenly you are the most wanted person in the building!

Been there, done that, did not want to buy the t-shirt.

What I do Now, and Why I love it

I mentioned that I am a DIYer that is self employed.

After leaving my job in retail I tried a few things in sales that were not for me. The economy really is taking a toll on peoples disposable income.

All the more reason to become a DIYer, I think!

People save money when they do their own projects around the house. I happen to have alot of experience in this field to this is a perfect fit for me.

I have a website that is all about home and garden improvements. This is an SBI site. If you have read my profile you may have seen this written there. I highly recommend SBI.

I stumbled upon SBI will trying to find a legitimate online business opporturnity. They are not easy to come by. There are 1000's of scams out there, so be careful when searching for the right fit for your business needs.

I really do believe the way that other SBIers believe - that a person should be able to make a living doing what they love to do. SBI encourages people to take what they are passionate about and turn it into a real business. And to take the mindset that the business works for you, not that you work for the business.

That makes perfect sense, because after all if you love doing what you do something, it no longer seems like work.

When I worked in retail I used to talk to my co workers and customers about home improvement projects that I was working on at my home. Everyone that knew me knew of my love for decorating, remodeling, and gardening. Improving homes is a true passion for me. So is improving gardens and landscapes.

I firmly believe no one should live in a home that is not reflective of their personal style. That is settling, and what fun is that? We all work hard and deserve to have a home that we are happy to own and live in, and relax in too. That is why I started my website.

If you are on the fence about starting your own business, give it some consideration, and consider SBI as your solution to owning your own business.

The Self Employment is Self Empowering sign hangs over the door to my new home office. I find it refreshing to have it there, looking out for me as I work at my web business. Let me know if you need one for your business too, it is part of the Scrappy SIgns collection.

Follow me here for more on the series of DIY Hubs. Read my profile for full details.

Share your comments and thoughts below.


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    • RTalloni profile image


      7 years ago from the short journey

      Good stuff! Practical, straightforward hub on the topic.

      We would make good neighbors! :) Looking forward to continuing to follow your work.

    • RentedMule profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Lexington Kentucky

      Thanks for your comment nicomp, I find self employment to be less stressful that working for someone else. I know it is all about what you put into , but I don't mind hard work so it is better for me personally. And yes, I love it too!

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 

      7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Being self-employed is great. Some folks are not risk-takers and they are better off in a less stressful environment, but I love it.


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