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Updated on January 27, 2014

Promo for the Month

DLC manual series water refilling station


WATER REFILLING STATION one of the fast growing business nationwide, you can see it any on any street especially in metro manila. Many people seeking for their good, pure, and safe drinking water. It is simple PURE Safe, PURE Clean, PURE drinking water, PURIFIED WATER.

VIVA SEN WATER TREATMENT gives you a low low low price, cheaper solution and convenient price of WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM guaranteed 0% Interest, No Franchise Fee, No Royalty Fee, No Hidden Charges.

Its just simply…This will be done after inquiry or closing negotiation with us….


This is the time to order your equipment, 50% of the payment are normally due upon placing the order and the remaining 50% upon installation. Its takes 3 weeks maximum upon delivery installation of your equipment. So while waiting for your store renovation to be completed the equipments are ready to be installed. Also while renovation is on going you can apply for business permit to save time.


Look for a place where you can put up your water refilling station at least 20 sqm (Store) If you don’t want to rent and there’s a space in your house that you can used at least 20-25sqm and do renovation / construction, contact us for further needs like site inspection and store layout it is depends on your location estimated price Php60,000.00 for renovation construction and contractor (under negotiation). Posters to hang around the store when renovation is on going are important. This is a part of your marketing Strategy.


Checking the source of water for Deep Well, Nawasa, Maynilad, or Any Water District are also included in our site checking we have to check the TDS of Water and examine it for laboratory to know what’s the best equipment or filtration are needed.

Water Testing may be required by local health officials.


We recommend store layout therefore we can give our clients the best layout for the store and strictly followed especially the washing area, like Lavatory, Piping, Drainage Area, Door Entry, location of Equipment and Electrical outlet, So that the client have the idea for renovation / construction of the store.


Equipment Delivered

Equipment Installed

System Trial & Backwashing


Final System Run & Demonstration

Water Laboratory Test

Personnel Training

Mayors Permit

BIR Permit


Inventory should be ordered 2 weeks before your opening date it is important to do it early just in case the supplier does not have them on stock. Outside store signage must be installed before opening your store.

CONGRATULATION!!! You are now open for business!!


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    • profile image

      LOVINA 2 years ago

      Pls send me the complete quotation for franchising of this water refilling on my email address

    • profile image

      Luis decena 3 years ago

      Pls send me more details in packages, yield of containers per hour, etc, thanks

    • profile image

      jane 4 years ago

      Good day...please send me thru my e mail how much do i need to put up a water refilling station. I am from Oriental Mindoro.

      Here is my e mail ad

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      cynthia 4 years ago

      my email add (,

    • profile image

      Water Refilling Station 4 years ago

      Good day mam cynthia pls give me your email add and contact info....

    • profile image

      cynthia 4 years ago

      i want to make a refilling station in siargao islands,how much should be my capital (installment basis), thanks

    • kherwin profile image

      Mark Kherwin Senorin 5 years ago from Viva Sen Water Treatment

      Mam can i have your email address and contact info po? usap po tayo...

    • kherwin profile image

      Mark Kherwin Senorin 5 years ago from Viva Sen Water Treatment

      Mam Glorina Yucon can i have your contact info and email address?

    • profile image

      Glorina N. Yacon 5 years ago

      hello! i would like to apply for a water refilling station in our place, Gigaquit, Surigao del Norte. we already have a source of water but not yet tested....

    • profile image

      Lydia Modesto 5 years ago

      hello, I am from hilongos, leyte. I want to put up a water refilling station in our place. I want to know how much will it cost to open a refilling station... the equipment, machines and other necessary requiremenst. pls. send me the details at my email add:

    • profile image

      rowee 5 years ago

      hi im rowee from zamboanga city, i just want to know how much will it cost me to open a refilling station here. pls send me the details @ thanx

    • profile image

      jeolyndiaz2012 6 years ago

      i want to put up water refiling station want is mostly needed youemail me at

    • profile image

      zaifuddin 6 years ago from Singapore,is it possible for me to open a water refilling station?

    • profile image

      ISSY MORENO 6 years ago