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Daily Office Cleaning

Updated on January 31, 2012

Cleanliness is a measure of discipline and a trademark of success. Cleanliness at home speaks about the owner while cleanliness at the office speaks about the company (from the top to the bottom). A clean working environment in and around the workplace will create a healthy environment for employees and also for the clients.

Daily office cleaning will motivate the employees to be neat and perfect in their work. The productivity of a company is therefore indirectly related to its cleanliness.

Cleaning a house is a big task for many people. In such a situation, we can all well imagine how difficult cleaning of an office would be. You would have several people cleaning your office on a daily basis. Cleaning the office if done by a skilled cleaner would be perfect. Now the question in front of many corporate offices is to choose between in house cleaning and contract cleaning services. Both services have their own pros and cons. The best and optimum choice should be made as to suit the policies of the company and the financial status.

The effective and efficient service is provided by contract cleaning services when compared to in house cleaning service. They are advantageous in many ways. The first and foremost concern is the cost of service. The contract service is cost effective compared to in house service. They will do their work effectively so that they can maintain good reputation of not only themselves but also the company that they work for. In house cleaners demand many financial benefits like bonus, compensation, increment; etc Efficiency is high with contractors as they are professional workers. They have experience in many office environments and so will be able to implement their ideas in each place. The in house workers will not innovate with their daily office cleaning methods as it is part of their routine duty in the same place.

Flexible staffing is yet another drawback of the in house workers. It would be an administrative nightmare to add or remove any in-house cleaning staff. The main advantage of the contract workers is that they provide tension free environment. Every contract service will have one supervisor to control the entire work group. So the company staff can be free from the tension of supervision. Personal problems of employees will not affect the work quality and it is not the worry of the company. The contract company will take care of that.

They should provide the same number of employees every time the work is done as per their agreement with the company. When the discussion shifts to quality of work, then things are not so straight forward. Most of the contract services give good quality service as they want to succeed in their business for a long time.

If some special services are required the contract cleaning services will be ready to do it at any time. In house employees would be demanding more money to do work out of their work hours. Also no special training is needed for the contract workers as it will be taken care of by the contracted company. There will be only one person from the contracted company in contact with the office. So the communication will be easier and streamlined. The work timing and division of work is not the headache of the official. The supervisor will take care of that.

So, considering all pros and cons, it would be better if the cleaning of the office was let out on a contract basis but the ultimate decision will rest with the company who will decide based on various factors including cost.


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