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Daily thought for the day

Updated on September 10, 2012

Thought of the day

I remember as a child trying to get into my teachers good books, I was always the one to carry her books home or make it a point to keep the blackboard all clean and neat. In my quest to be the teacher’s pet, I would invariably hunt for quotes and thoughts of the day to write on the black board each day. Not that anyone gave it more than a moment’s thought while reading the thought of the day or even noticed it if I missed a day, but it seemed such a big deal to write one line quotes in a clean and neat handwriting in one end of the blackboard then.

I still buy and collect books on thought of the days and 365 motivational quotes, a quote a day etc. I have a small library at home and quotes and thoughts are a small part of the collection. I invariably find our guests browsing through them at all times. I also read through them on some rainy days or rather dull evenings.


Application of Motivational Quotes

All the thought collecting and comparing came back to me recently, when my son’s school wanted to do a motivational quotes introduction session, every child had to bring in a motivational quote or thought of the day, with meaning and give example on how it has inspired you.

With that started the parents clamoring to make their kids the best quotes and making them rattle off the quotes which often were not understood by the parents themselves. My Son walked up to me and said he wanted to be a part of it. So me being me just rattled the first quote that came to my mind, “Where there is a Will, there is a Way”. He asked me what it meant. I explained to him simply saying, “If you really wanted to achieve something, you would always find a way to do it”. He wanted an example, but I just put it off saying, it does not matter, just go on and say it at the competition, with over 200 students in the fray, I just assumed that no one would notice.

I only realized the height of competition when I saw placards and charts with meanings written on posters and stenciled boards, bold and colorful being carried by kids towards the school bus. It hurt to see my son’s sorry face, as he did not have anything to take with him. But there was nothing that could be done at the last minute and all I could do was tell my Son “Sorry” and I would try to do my best next time.

I forgot about the whole episode and got busy with my work. I even forgot to ask my son how was the motivational quotes session at school. At homework time, I was checking through my son’s calendar and saw a note the teacher had written congratulating my son at getting consolation prize at the quotes session. My overworked mind started imagining all of sorts of things like, did my son take someone else placard, if not, how had he managed the feat. With no answer forthcoming, I decided to talk to him once he came back after playing in the park.

During dinner, when I asked him about the prize, he was very happy and excited to let us know that he had won the consolation (Though he could not pronounce Consolation, he explained that consolation prize was also a prize like, 1st, 2nd and 3rd but a little less). He went on to tell me that during the trip to School in the Bus, he decided that even he will get a quote placard. So while all other kids were standing in line to get on the stage, he wrote down the quote neatly on a page from his Rough Notebook and Colored it with his crayons. Not being satisfied with its look, he tore the hardcover of his rough book and glued the quote page on to it with his glue stick. He borrowed different glitter glue and made the outline all nice and bright, finally satisfied with his work.

During his turn, he rattled off the Quote “WHERE THERE IS A WILL. THERE IS A WAY”, when asked for the meaning, he just repeated the meaning I had told him. The guest judge, who noticed the beautiful handwriting and the haphazard placard, asked him, why was it not done neatly, whereas his handwriting was so good? He explained that he did not have enough time to make it neat because his turn came up sooner. The Teacher got angry and informed that the notice for the quote session was sent out more than a week ago.

My son happily informed everyone present that his Mom had not thought about a placard or chart like other parents and he did not want to go on stage without one, so he had done this one in School while waiting his turn. The guest was happy that my son had proved the application of the quote he presented and hence the consolation prize.

I was shocked at what the Teachers and the Guest would have thought about my creativity and role as a mother, but was happy that at least that did not stop them from noticing, appreciating and awarding the right thing.

Motivational Quotes make a huge difference in our lives.

In life too, we often read good quotes, we hear good thoughts, but often forget to apply them in our lives. A positive quote makes a difference to our lives, motivational speeches and articles are everywhere on the internet, but we still face stress, depression, sadness in our day to day lives. Until we accept and use positive thoughts in our lives, we cannot expect to be happy, healthy and peaceful.

Always remember the famous quotes and thoughts of the day that we read have not been thought out of thin air. They have been written after being tried, tested and applied thoroughly.


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