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DailyTwoCents Review: Writing Revenue Sharing Website!

Updated on January 24, 2015

DailyTwoCents Website

Dailytwocents is a site managed and created by two admins - if I'm not mistaken - the two admin seem to be very responsive, friendly, smart about SEO and helpful.

DTC - Shortcut for Dailytwocents - is a site that shares revenues with its writers and what you can earn there is fixed to the site's rates: $0.005 per unique view and the visitor must stay for at least 30 seconds on the page in order to have the view counted.

Is Dailytwocents Legit?

Yes! It is legit and you can read many reviews about this site saying that it's legit! It also has a sister site called " Writedge" but the rules there differ from the ones on DTC.

The minimum word count on DTC must be 100 words - about 500 characters - and it's just so easy to write and publish there.

New writers there might have their first 3 articles submitted for review before being able to freely post as approved authors.

The maximum number of daily posts should be 10 posts for both of these two websites - this rule is a quite new one.

How Much Can You Make?

To be honest, I was amazed by the earnings potential on Dailytwocents! It's amazing! The community there is pretty active and the site automatically features your newly posted articles on its home page.

I have personally made about $2.5 from my first day there and with only about 5 articles! Amazing, isn't it?

Where can you see how much you've earned?

You can see your earnings in the profile section, all you need to do is go to your WP profile and scroll down until you see " page views", this is where you'll be seeing how much views and earnings you've got. | Source

It's Totally Recommended

I totally recommend each and every writer to go and sign up for this site! It's just amazing.

What I also like about its admins is that they're straight and honest and when you submit articles for review, the admins would just write you some notes telling you about your mistakes - if you have ones.

They're specific and they're always trying to improve their website, they would also help its authors by publishing their articles on their social media fan pages like Facebook and Google+.

This site has made me believe that making an extra online income from your content is possible! It deserves to get its name more popular between authors and internet users.

* Update *

DTC has recently changed its system for tracking views and earnings and the new system was put in the excuse of saying that there were a lot of writers using scamming methods of bringing in fake traffic to their posts.

Unfortunately, this system does not run on a real time and it gets updated every 24 hours.

Also, the views that it counts are so low compared to the old views counter.

I remember that I used to write about 5 posts per day and earn not less than $0.50 per day but now I've tried to write the same and my earnings are not getting above 0.10 or even $0.05!

Let's not forget that my posts have increased and I now have approximately 175 posts on the site but my daily earnings are not exceeding one cent.

When I don't write anything at all for a whole one day for example, I'm barely getting above $0.04 for all of the posts that I've previously written per day so to keep my earnings increasing, I have to keep on writing!

I'm sorry to discourage you but that's what's happening, you might have a different experience though.


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    • RanaKm profile image

      RanaKm 3 years ago

      DailyTwoCents has announced that it will be lowering the rates starting this February.

      Payments will be either according to Google adsense revenue shares ( 50/50 ) or 1.50$ per 1000 views.

      The admin has made a poll to make its members vote..

      I think that it will be really hard for us writers and bloggers to earn from Dailytwocents from now on...

      Not to mention that the views counter did already make a problem in lowering the earnings when it was changed..

      I feel bad that after all of this enthusiasm for this site, it's becoming like (or worse than ) the other writing revenue sharing websites...

    • seraphic profile image

      Seraph 3 years ago from Canada

      I have been thinking about joining it and placing a few articles on there just to see what happens. No cents vs. a few cents sure sounds like a good thing to me! Nice to see someone is making a few! Thanks for sharing!

    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 3 years ago from California, United States of America

      I joined DTC maybe about a month ago. I've also noticed how slow the earnings are. I only have 8 articles there, though.

    • RanaKm profile image

      RanaKm 3 years ago

      Yes! Alvinet, everyone is welcome there the site accepts people from all around the world but of course the only language allowed is the English one.

      You have to have a Paypal account to get your payment because it is currently the only payment method offered, perhaps they will be adding some more in the future but for now this is it.

    • Alvinet profile image

      Alvinet 3 years ago

      2.5$ in one day :). Definitely I have to check it :)

      What countries can apply here ? . I mean everyone is paid ?

    • RanaKm profile image

      RanaKm 3 years ago

      I don't like this site " bubblews" I think it only pays whoever it wants.. I requested for my redemption 5 months ago and I contacted the admins and they said they will be issuing it within a duration of 30 days after the redemption date. But I never received it so now I just use this site for traffic and nothing more.

    • Amarbani profile image

      Amarendra 3 years ago from India

      There is also other sites like bubblews ( , which pays for your posts;

      if all these sites sustain only on ad-revenue its only time that will tell us how long these will sustain :)...