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Violence In The Workplace

Updated on February 6, 2016


Two million workers are victims to work place violence. Violence can happen at any job site day or night.Some jobs are more at risk than others Taxi drivers, Bus drivers, store owners, truck drivers, visiting nurses, social workers, Psychiatric are jobs that can be danger and deadly.

What is workplace violence's? workplace violence are threats against workers, it can occur inside or out side the workplace. Work place violence can be idol threats, verbal abuse, murders or homicide .

What can employers do to make it safe for their employees. Employees should be made aware that there is a zero tolerance policy against violence in the workplace.

Too make it safe for employees or employers , there should be sufficient lighting, alarms system ID badges, with cameras installed.

Employees can protect themselves by learning to recognize and avoid violet situations. Always talk to your supervisor if you have any concerns about your co-workers. Never carry a lot of money with you or let anyone know what you have.

It is important to educate all employees that violence against anyone will not be tolerated.

Employees should never enter a place they feel unsafe, like dark rooms or long hallways. Night workers should always be with supervisors or co-workers. Nothing is really guaranteed both employers or employees victims. If an incident occur always report it to supervisor or boss or a policeperson. Employees should always keep a journal.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 22 months ago from Boston MA

      workplace violence is a growing endemic across America. Violence should never be tolerated in the workplace. jada67