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Data Migration Plan - Migrate Data

Updated on May 26, 2011

Data Migration Process

 When looking at the process of data migration, you first have to look at the scope of your data migration project. The data migration project scope should cover all the objects that need to migrate, including the transactional information that needs to be included within your data migration activities. This is cruicial as it will influence your decision on whether or not to retain or retire legacy systems. The overall goal is to migrate all transactional data from your legacy systems to enable you to operate your new system with a minimal amount of problems. In order to successfully migrate transactional data, you need to have the data objects in place and have a clear mapping of old objects to the new objects.

Data Migration

Data Migration Process
Data Migration Process | Source

Six Step Data Migration Process

 This six step data migration process can be used by any organzation and it is valid for upgrades as well as new system implementations.

1. Source or Data Cleansing

2. Field Mapping

3. Define Programs

4. Record Mapping

5. Trial Loads

6. Cutover


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