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Data Mining: The Best Way to Gather Information Without Losing Customers

Updated on April 29, 2011

Gathering Information Ain't What It Used to Be....

Market research has always been a bit of a complicated issue. Not because gathering information from people is really all that difficult. It's mostly because many market researchers continue to turn market research into rocket science. They over complicate the issue with surveys, tests and way to many silly questions.

Truthfully, most current market research tactics are wasted on those who have very little potential as strong consumers. This is because they either realize that you are data mining from them and they aren't going to bring their business to you, or they just enjoy answering market research questions.

Smarter Not Harder

You would think that the advent of social networking, that market researchers would have found the world a much friendlier place to gather data from. Though this hasn't been the case for most companies. They continue to over-complicate their issues and drive away customers.

So what's the solution?

Hire or become a social networker who is well versed in the art of Customer Relations. To put it in layman's terms, you need someone with REAL people skills. You need someone who understands what a genuine conversation is, and how to gather information from ordinary conversations with those they interact with.

Everything that a person says or doesn't say, is a little bit of information that says something about them. This includes info about their purchasing habits, desires and financial ability. It also includes actually being genuine. No one wants to find out that they found a good friend in someone who only wanted something from them. This is why well educated marketers with big fancy degree's, often fail to succeed at gathering information from their potential clients.

This is the new era, and it's time to get with the times!

Most of the best social networks and social media experts can be found in work-at-home mom's and dad's. They can be found in the social platforms themselves, or they can be reached out to through job ads such as craigslist. They aren't going to have a bachelor degree, and they probably aren't going to be top level executives for anything other their own lives. That doesn't mean their value isn't highly necessary in the rising social-web-age.

Think about it.


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