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Days in the Life of a Call Center

Updated on December 25, 2011

Please Place Me on Your Do Not Call List

It is 9 a.m. and the telemarketers are rushing to their seats to began their day. "All right everybody, you know what you are suppose to do".."DIAL AND SMILE". Sitting next to each other is a newbie and a seasoned hen, "hey mam, how many times do you let the phone ring, before going on to the next call?" The seasoned hen replies, "Lord, there is no winning number, just keep dialing". So the newbie just listens to the continuous ringing and finally goes on to the next number.

Ring....ring...ring...ring, Hello. Hello this is -------calling from-------HUNG UP. Ring...ring....ring..., Hello. Hello this is ------calling from-----. We are offering a one time guarantee on your saving money on your pre-existing car insurance. Yes, I am interested. What do I have to do? How much does that cost? Will that change my policy? Now that you have completed your application for this one time offer. How do you want to set up your payments? Check, money order, cash, credit or even debit card, you even can do automatic or online payments. One down and many more to go. Gotta get my quota for the day.

Ring....ring...ring...ring...ring... Hello. May I speak to the lady of the house? NO SHE AIN'T HERE! Ring..ring...ring...ring..ring...ring...ring...ring..Hello. May I speak to the man of the house? Who is this? How did you get this number? Are you a bill collector? Well, he is not here, he is at least he better be. HUNG UP. Ring..ring...ring...ring...Hello. May I speak to .... No, thank you, would you please place me on your do not call list. SLAM...HUNG UP.

Ring...ring...ring...ring...ring...ring..Hello. This is -----calling from----. We see that your policy is about to expire, you are in luck. We are offering a one time guarantee on saving you money. Excellent, all you have to do is complete all twenty is as simple as that.... Mr.---how long is this going to take, I thought you only had twenty questions. Well, sir I need to get your information on how you intend to pay for it and then we are finish...ok. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day.

ALERT, ALERT, ALERT...qualify controller is heading your way. Miss--- you are not making enough calls. You have only called three clients in a thirty minutes. You have got to speed up and limit your conversations. Stick to the product and ask only those questions that pertain to the product. No, no, you don't need to ask about the weather. No, no, you don't need to know how old her grandson is. No, no you are not suppose to give out your zodiac sign. All right...let us get back to dialing and smiling. Remember quality control is listening.

LUNCHTIME....remember people, you have only thirty minutes. The newbies were full of questions, "Hey many applications have you done so far"? The season hens and roosters stated, "we have ten applications". "It is so hard getting people to answer the phone", said the newbies. "Oh, just hang on and in there", replied the season hens and roosters. "Well, what happens if you don't have twenty applications at the end of the day"? "WELL, YOU WILL BE FIRED"! A creepy silence overtakes the whole lunch room, then all of a sudden came an outburst of laughter. "Oh, we are just kidding with you all", said the season hens and roosters. "That's not funny," the newbies said in a low whisper.

Back to the station, and the newbies, hens and roosters continued their race to reach the quota. Ring after ring after...applications filed and cancelled....but they all just kept dialing and smiling until they heard this mysterious ping sounding bell, five o'clock has rolled around. The manager is standing in the middle of the floor, and he begins to speak. "Everybody, thank you for a good job, you all met your quotas plus some". "See you tomorrow for another productive day".

Working as a telemarketer is no laughing matter. Most telemarketers have experienced stress that is similar to an old fashion pressure cooker. It is like food that is steady cooking, but not able to sip out. Don't get the story wrong, some people enjoy the job, may even love it. Like any job, you just need to know if you can handle it.


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