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Debating the High Paying Keyword

Updated on August 6, 2010
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Glendon and his wife have led church ministries, conducted empowerment seminars, and travelled to faraway places on business and vacation.

I was just reading a forum thread on high paying keywords.  Fiction Teller (interesting name) writes on the futility of chasing the high-paying keywords and goes on to give good advice:

"Rumors of high-paying keywords are rife on the Internet, but they're not really worth as much as folks think. And not just because the keywords are hard to rank for.

Those very high click values you see in the keyword tool are usually for the search network, not the content network. Most advertisers will exclude the content network from their bids. The keyword tool does NOT differentiate them, though, and many people are fooled.

(The content network means pages of content, like a blog or a HubPages article. The search network means the pages of search engine results.)

So it's very rare to get a really high value click. Most advertisers do not make high bids for the lower-converting content network. They do make content network bids, but the bids are separate and much lower.

Plus, if you DO get an unusually high-value click, it's not going to happen often enough to add to your income very much. Try it. You'll see.

Your best income will come from the bread-and-butter keywords - those keywords that advertisers bid moderate amounts for.

So you'd do much better financially to:

1) Write about something you know about very well, that is very specific (like a review of brand ABC blue widgets) and NOT general (don't write about widgets in general).

2) Choose keywords there is little publisher competition for. The fewer search engine results for your keywords, the better.

3) Choose keywords there is a fair amount of advertiser competition for.

4) Write something in your articles that nobody else is including - something of real unique value to your readers, so you'll get good, targeted traffic and earn over the long term.

So for example, instead of writing about mesothelioma lawyers or structured settlements, which everyone else is writing about and trying futilely to make money at, write about that really cool ayurvedic shampoo that never dries out your hair or the cat bed your cat actually sleeps on, or any other product you've had success with - or even products that didn't work, if you can offer an alternative.

Why is that best? Because elsewhere in the world are many people who are looking for shampoo that never dries out hair, or cat beds that cats don't reject. Your problems are not just your problems - they're the problems many people are experiencing and for which people are looking on the Internet to find solutions. Advertisers for those products are on the Internet now, waiting to find your pages - and if not now, they probably will be eventually.

Don't believe me that it's the humble stuff that makes money? Take advice from someone who knows: Google's Matt Cutts."

This rather ordinary thread explains how advertisers differentiate search sites from content sites.  Boy!  Big eye-opener for me!  So we who dwell in the land of content are better off sticking to the good old rules of writing about what we know.  Better yet just do your best to write about what you know more about than everyone else in the room. 

Go read the thread and learn from the discussion.  Are you a guru or techie?  Then weigh in on the forum with other great ideas.


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    • Carol Micheals profile image

      Carol Micheals 6 years ago

      Voted up and found the Hub to be very useful. High paying keywords are very difficult to write on. You are right of course. Will definitely take your advise to write on simpler things.

    • Nan Mynatt profile image

      Nan Mynatt 7 years ago from Illinois

      There is a secret of making money with hubpages, and I am going to take your advice and try writing on subjects that I know. Thanks for the information.