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Deborah's Resume

Updated on November 18, 2013

My Resume

This post signifies the launching of my professional career as a science writer, editor and communicator. I am currently writing for The Field Museum of Natural History, in Chicago, IL. You can find my museum blog (Science Newsflash) here; watch also for press releases out of The Field Museum on Eurekalert!

Please do not hesitate to contact me at regarding the following resume.

Deborah L. Osae-Oppong

Permanent Address: 2065 Half Day Road, Deerfield, IL 60015

Phone: (760) 317.6495



Masters; Infectious Disease and Immunology

Loyola University Chicago; Expected graduation May 2014

Maywood, IL

Bachelor of Arts

Dordt College; Graduation May 2012

Sioux Center, IA

3.59/4.0 GPA

Major: Biology; biotechnology/molecular emphasis

Minor: Communications

Relevant Employment

May 2013-Current, Writer, The Field Museum of Natural History

Chicago, IL

Work with the Public Relations and Marketing teams to produce Science Newsflash, a museum blog that educates the public about ongoing research at the museum. Responsibilities included interviewing researchers and museum personnel regarding their work, and describing it in ways that the public could understand and appreciate.


May 2012-August 2012, Writer, Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego

La Jolla, CA

Worked with members of the Scripps Communications Office to produce articles and video for explorations now magazine, in order to educate the public, Scripps alumni, the scientific community, and Scripp’s supporters about ongoing research and current events. Responsibilities included interviewing researchers and Scripps personnel regarding their work, and describing it in ways that the public could understand and appreciate.

May 2011-August 2011, Research Assistant, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research San Diego Branch

San Diego, CA

Worked alongside graduate and post-doctoral students to investigate mechanisms underlying the etiologic roles of fusion transcription factors in human solid tumors and the role of DNA methylation in the prostate cancer development. Techniques include tissue culture, western blotting, bacterial culture and recombinant DNA technology, and immunoprecipitaion.

August 2010-December 2010, Research Assistant, InnoVac Research

Sioux Center, IA

Assisted virologists in research and development of Canine distemper vaccine. Tasks included cell culture and infection, determining virus titer, collecting and freezing harvests.

May 2010-August 2010, Research Assistant, Dordt College

Sioux Center, IA

Worked in the lab using histology techniques, performing various immunohistochemistry procedures and analyzing the results. Worked alongside professors to understand the pathways in the liver, testes, and kidneys, contributing to cancer research. Projects included investigation of homeodomain protein CUX1 expression in Sertoli cells and spermatids in the testes, and its role in cell signalling.

August 2009-May 2010, TA/Tutor, Dordt College Biology Department

Sioux Center, IA

Botany TA first semester, Chemistry TA/Tutor second semester. Supervised labs, answered questions, tutored, led review sessions. Lab preparation time, setting up and tearing down.


• Science Newsflash articles published online at

• Articles published in explorations now magazine and online at

• Series of essays on science and nature, published online, Calvin Theological Seminary.

• Sports Information articles, Trinity International University Athletics.

• Personal blog, HubPages

Awards and Honors

• DC Presidential Scholarship

• Institutional Grant

• Instrumental Music Activity Scholarship

Papers and Presentations

Cellular Localization of Latency Associated Peptide (LAP) in CD14+ Monocytes. Poster presentation. St. Albert’s Day, Loyola University Chicago. October 2013.

The Contribution of Bioinformatics to Evolutionary Thought. Oral presentation, American Scientific Affiliation Annual Meeting, July 2012.

Determining Mutations in Canine parvovirus-2b using heteroduplex analysis. Oral presentation, senior research. Dordt College. May 2012.

The Role of Cux1 in Development. Oral presentation. summer seminar series, Dordt College, July 2010.

Contributions made to the following:

Kroll, M.R.m Viss, E.S., Lamb, J., Horstman, J., Powell, A., Van Wyk, A., Hinkkala, K., Hoogland, T., Schippers, M., Shannon, S., Carlton, C.G., Sharma, M. Taylor, A., Vanden Heuvel, G.B., Jelsma, T.N. Asynchronous Expression of the Homeodomain Protein CUX1 in Sertoli Cells and Spermatids During Spermatogenesis in Mice. Biol Reprod. October 27, 2010 biolreprod.110.084335

Research Skills and Experience

• Cell/Tissue culture

• Western blot

• Recombinant DNA technology

• Immunoprecipitation



• DNA extraction

• Gel electrophoresis

Thesis research focuses on detecting the presence of and determining the subcellular localization of inactive TGF-β. CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells (Tregs) have recently emerged as a unique population of suppressor T cells that maintain immunological tolerance. While the ability of this subset to maintain tolerance is no longer questioned, the exact mechanism by which this population of CD4+ T cells arises, particularly those that develop in periphery, remains largely unknwon.

Based on previous data, we hypothesize that membrane bound TGF-β plays a crucial role in the induction of Tregs. Since it is well known that T cells and antigen presenting cells form a unique structure called immunological synapse when antigen is presented, our hypothesis predicts that TGF-β is tethered to the cell surface of monocytes, and is presented directly to naïve T cells as part of the immunological synapse.


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