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Deciding to Relocate for Employment

Updated on August 2, 2011

Deciding to relocate to accept or find new employment is a monumental decision for a family. Not only does it affect the breadwinner who is changing jobs, but it affects the entire family. The adults may have to learn to navigate an new city, a new company, new co-workers, new house, new neighborhood, new stores, and develop new routines for work. The mother or caregiver for the family needs to learn new places to shop for food, clothes, and where to pay bills or utility company addresses to begin services. The children need to learn everything about a new school, make new friends, where things are located in their new neighborhood and find their own comfortable routines.

Sometimes adults choose to not move the entire family when accepting or finding new employment. This can be just as hard because the adults are not spending as much time together or with the children which puts strain on the relationships. Perhaps the choice was made so that a minimum amount of money can be spent on food and shelter for the parent who has decided to accept or look for new work in a city that may not be nearby.

In every family, there is usually one relative (or more) who keeps in touch with all the others, no matter how far away they live. Get in touch with this relative, and find out which cousins or aunts and uncles live near larger cities. Target those cities for job searches, as a relative will usually put you on the couch at least (maybe a spare bedroom if you are lucky or a favorite) until you can get on your feet.

Once you get that first paycheck, you have a few more options. If there is a KOA campground, they have tent sites, or sites that you can part a vehicle or travel trailer on. They also have free showers and other amenities. If you are relocating for income reasons, use the internet and newspapers to apply for all kinds of jobs, keep all scheduled interviews and take the best paying job you can find that you are qualified for. After all, if you have to be away from your family for an extended time, you definitely want to be making and saving all the money you can.

Minimum wage jobs are everywhere and usually don't require any kind of relocation. The reason there are so many is that most people don't want to work them. So, if you're not too proud, you can usually find enough minimum wage work to pay the bills and squeak by.

Only you know your circumstances and if relocating is right for you. Here's wishing you good luck in your job search and in surviving the current recession! I hope happy times are ahead for you!


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