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Better Definition of your Event = A Stronger Marketing/Advertising Campaign

Updated on June 19, 2013

Know your event

As smaller fairs struggle to survive in today’s economy, I think we, who love this industry, strive to slow the erosion of our beloved Fair industry. There are many reasons these fairs are going “dark” but I think one thing could be done by all Fairs, Festivals and Events to help in their quest for survival.

BETTER DEFINE your event! As you work at defining your event the more that definition will dictate your marketing/advertising & Sponsorship/Partnership direction.

When out talking to Fairs, Festivals or Events about improving or saving their events I always start by introducing the concept of just how important it is to know who, what, where, why people are attending their event.

So many of these events, when asked, cannot answer the questions; who comes to your event? What is your annual attendance? How far do they travel to attend? Do males or Females come farther to attend and which one tends to always bring people with them? What are the primary, secondary & tertiary age demographics that currently attend your event? Does your event attract more males or females, If so, Why? Is this the target demographic you want attending your event? How well do you audit and monitor your gates? How many of your event attendees own their homes? What is the average income level of your attendees? As you can readily see, I am strongly suggesting answers to these questions if you do not know the answers to any of the above questions. The better you know the demographics and psychographics of your event, the more armed you are to plan your event. Understanding (DEFINE) your event will dictate how to market it, what media to use, what entertainment to book, what your ticket price should be, what demographic segment you might be missing, how to reach out to those that are not coming that fit into your target demographic. It will also arm you with much more ammunition to help you solicit partners (sponsors) for you event because you can now show them the numbers that help you quantify and qualify your event for consideration of their spending money to be part of your event.

This is not brain surgery but it is an overlooked and underestimated exercise and strategy that will do nothing but point you in the right direction. You might want to check with your local College or University or even High School marketing class or department to help you gather this information. You would want to also get an economic impact study done on your event that you can use with the local, county and state governments to try and get grants or underwriting. Most communities have no idea how large an economic impact your Fair, Festival or Event has on their area.


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