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Defining the qualities company executives and others need to managea corporation

Updated on April 8, 2014

Recently a poll was reported stating that 82% of executives in the corporate or business world do not have the qualities they need to run a successful business. This is an alarming figure but this statistic must be examined. I do not know what criteria on which this outcome is based but some examination of corporate executives need to be evaluated.

While it is true some corporate executives have made mistakes it does not necessarily imply they do not have the ability or knowledge to run a corporation. Every leader whether at the high end of a corporation of at the lowest part of a company or corporation depends on the attitude of the individuals working for them. In a business environment there are groups of individuals performing specific tasks and when they do a good or great job it can and does reflect on the leadership under which they work.

Some individuals are born to be leaders in society while others learn the knowledge and principles through education some of which may be through training received in the organization for which they work. The question on whether leaders are born or bred the answer is both. We as individuals are born with certain talents and capabilities and whether we develop these talents and capabilities is up to us. Our environment can play a significant part in our development and whether we will have an impact on society. We typically have certain characteristics engrained in our genes and as we progress in life we develop our talents through efforts in school and through the influence of our parents. This country needs new leaders to step up to the plate and provide meaningful ideas that will help everyone. The leaders we have had in the past were great but we need new ones with new ideas that will help us and our country.

One of the qualities of a good leader involves the principles of integrity. If an individual in a management position incorporates the principles of integrity in everything he/she does they are on their way to being a good leader. Leaders must have followers or there would be no leaders. It is important for any individual to be an example for others to follow whether it is in a management position or the lowest level of an organization which is just as important if not more important than those at the top of management. The influence of the media can enhance a person’s ability to be a leader. Leaders cannot exist without those who follow in most cases. However an individual can be a leader or example to others simply as a result of their work ethic and persistence to do a good job for the duties/responsibilities they are assigned. Leadership involves having ideas and presenting the facts so others will want to follow their lead. It is not about leading in a way to impose their philosophy simply because they can. There are also leaders in the private sector who have original ideas that will benefit society in approaching problems and the way business operates

Individuals who think outside of the box to address issues which need resolution are not always well received. This involves the fact that new ideas or technology is not always the right time but if the idea has merit there will come a time when it will be accepted. We have seen a number of innovative ideas which have shaped our country one of which was the industrial revolution which transformed the way goods were manufactured.

Leaders can also come from unexpected places. Sometimes when a person is thrust into a position of leadership when they have had no prior experience, they surprise us. Many of us have qualities often times which are not utilized until situations arise. We as individuals may surprise ourselves in some instances when we are placed in a position of leadership. While leaders must make decisions it is how those decisions are made that make them a leader. Individuals and leaders face numerous decisions every day and we never have all the answers. It is important to take input and consider others opinion on issues especially if it is an area in which they have responsibility. Those in management positions may have the knowledge to do the job but it is how they interact with their subordinates that make them a leader. A position does not make an individual a leader. Some individuals do not always understand this concept but it is important that they do.

Therefore leaders can be born or they can be created. It is the circumstances in which they are placed that can make them a leader. While I am not criticizing those brought up in wealth and are automatically placed in positions of leadership, it does not make them one. Leaders must have the qualities of character, integrity and honesty. These qualities are important more so today than ever before. We have seen numerous instances in the news where these qualities have been lacking in many individuals who were in charge of various aspects of companies. People will follow those who lead responsibly and when they do not they lose their followers. This creates a perception they have failed as leaders and may never again get the chance to prove themselves. The most important thing to remember is you cannot be a leader to yourself it takes followers. My hope is that leaders will come forth in this time of economic crises with new ideas and approaches that will guide our country and the world out of our present situation. Time will tell. This does not mean that there are not now leaders who have ideas that will aid our situation only that they are not recognized for their talents and expertise. This needs to change.


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