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Updated on April 3, 2010



In our daily life, we often heard the word of “dejobbing”  in our working environment. You might wonder what that word means exactly. Well, here, I am going to explain a little bit about dejobbing for you.

Dejobbing broadening the responsibilities of company’s jobs and encouraging workers not to limit themselves to what’s on their job descriptions is a result of the changes taking place in business nowadays. Organizations need to grapple with trends like rapid product and technological changes and a shift to a service company. This has increased the need for firms to be responsive, flexible, and generally more competitive. In turn, the organizational methods managers use to accomplish this have helped waken the meaning of job as a well-defined and clearly delineated set of responsibilities. Below is a sampling of organizational factors that have contributed to this weakening and to encouraging workers not to limit themselves to narrowly defined jobs.

Flatter Organizations

Instead of traditional, pyramid shaped organizations with seven or more management layers; flat organizations with just three or four levels are more prevalent. Most large firms have already cut their management layers from a dozen to six or fewer. Because the remaining managers have more people reporting to them, they can supervise them less, so the jobs of subordinates end up bigger in terms of both breadth and depth of responsibilities.

Work teams

Managers increasingly organize tasks around teams and processes rather than around specialized functions. In organization like this, workers’ jobs change daily; there is thus an intentional effort to avoid having workers view their jobs as a specific, narrow set of responsibilities.


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      Khaled  6 years ago

      Good Job it's the same in my study

    • profile image

      Tom 7 years ago

      Good approach!

    • profile image

      param 7 years ago

      thanks buddy good job.