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Delaverian Marketing Offer

Updated on May 1, 2009

Delaverian Marketing | Are you a future rock star? Maybe...

If people use less than 10% of their brains... marketers use less than 10% of their marketing ability??

You might be surprised...

Suppose there are little things, small things, simple things you could do to radically improve the results you get from
your marketing?

Your prospect's mind is so much more than just the conscious part.

The subconscious mind can receive signals that the conscious mind never perceives.

The influence of these signals can cause us to do things we normally would never do, and to do them almost without

Marketers who know how to do this can influence millions.

Imagine being able to influence your customer when you want in the way you want almost effortlessly... much would that be worth to you?


There was an extremely popular rock group in the 70's who used this "secret knowledge" to influence people with expert precision, and
to this day they're still one of the most profitable rock groups of all time.

If I mentioned their name, you would recognize it instantly.

(Can you guess? I can't tell who they are, not yet.)

A European clothing manufacturer gained years of free publicity by incorporating this forbidden knowledge into his marketing.

A major tech company that anyone would recognize used these ancient secrets to turn their tiny start up into a giant behemoth that
makes an absolute fortune.

The human mind constantly receives signals that we are consciously not aware of. All around us is floating all the information of the
universe, and the subconscious can pick out the bits that affect us and influence us and even feed those bits to the conscious...
...without the conscious ever knowing.

The world we are aware of is such a tiny part of what is really going on around us every moment. For every influence we are aware of, there
are a 100 others exerting just as much control over us that we are completely oblivious to.

Want to influence your prospects and customers this way?

How about your friends, family. associates, coworkers?

Imagine having control over people, and they don't even know it.

It's done every day.

It's being done to you.

Find out how, and your eyes will be opened for the first time.

The window will open and everything will be revealed May 17th.

Miss the window, and there will be no second chance.

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Delaverian Marketing


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