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Delhi and the Job Sector

Updated on May 25, 2014


The Job Hub
The Job Hub | Source

Delhi and its surrounding job hubs

There is a lot that the national capital and its neighboring areas can offer the job seekers. With a relevant experience in your profile, you can look on to search for the suitable jobs either in Delhi or Noida and Gurgaon. These are the hot spots that can help you chase that ideal job opportunity in Delhi. Last year, the national capital created highest number of new jobs in varied sectors. These jobs belonged to varied industries including IT/ITES, academics, banking, construction, financial services, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), human resources (HR), advertising, event management, real estate, retail and telecom.

Facts and Figures reflecting Employment Opportunities in Delhi-NCR

  • Delhi as an employment hub is expanding and so are the job opportunities available here. Apart from the jobs in Delhi, many professionals get the most suitable jobs in Noida and Gurgaon, which are now turning out to be the hubs for employment opportunities.
  • Delhi created maximum new jobs in 2013, however the country saw a drop in the new job creation
  • Delhi created 1.39 lakh new jobs in 2013
  • Gurgaon houses 250 Fortune 500 companies, which sets out a pleasant picture of employment sector in the area
  • Noida, in the last few years has turned into an IT hub

The enriched city


Prominent Industries for Job Seekers in Delhi

To find a suitable job in Delhi, you should first do your share of research to know about the prominent sectors that create jobs in the city.

Information Technology (IT)

IT has been on a rise in the city in the recent years, especially in the NCR region. Noida, in the last few years has turned into an IT hub with the presence of many small to mid and large sized IT companies. With this, the career prospects for IT professionals in the city have grown.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is another profession that nowadays is picking well in the capital. Not just the digital marketing profiles lure job seekers but also the scope for these jobs influence professionals to look for jobs in this sector.


Delhi has everything, from a small manufacturing unit to a huge automobile manufacturing plant. This calls for many career opportunities for engineers in the city. At presence, the engineering graduates have a lot to look for. They can seek suitable jobs in automobile, automation, petroleum, robotics, energy, electronics, electrical in the city.


For those, who wish to get into media, the opportunities are many. The city has media houses, news channels, advertising agencies and what not.

Best workplaces in Delhi NCR


Find a job in Delhi NCR

Delhi's employment sector
Delhi's employment sector | Source

Aim to Work at the Best Workplaces in Delhi-NCR

If you feel that your professional experience will allow you to reach the best workplaces, you can try your luck in Delhi-NCR. The capital and its neighboring cities Noida and Gurgaon can surely you with the best of opportunities in your respective fields. You just need to find such jobs through credible sources and you will find yourself at the ideal workplace. Now, the question is, what are those credible sources that can take you to such jobs in Delhi-NCR? Career Builder is one of those. It’s one of the leading online job portals that lets you explore many job opportunities as per your location preferences, experience and other significant details. It lists the most suitable job openings in Delhi for freshers and those holding worthy experience in their core fields.

And now, when you know where to look for the ideal jobs, you need to know about the best workplaces in and around the city. As per the data from Great Places to Work, some of the companies based in Delhi and NCR fall among the best workplaces that one can look forward to.

Companies Considered As Great Places to Work in Delhi-NCR

Every professional has that urge to work with a brand that has employee-friendly policies. So, why not look around to spot such companies, you can aim to work with. Following are some of the names based in Delhi-NCR that were listed among the Great Places to Work Survey 2013.


Inclusion of this name among the best places to work isn’t a surprise at all. Look at the work culture, policies and benefits, each of the factors seem to be luring its employees. All you need to make your way to the top search engine is to make yourself capable enough and aim for it.

American Express

This global financial brand has one of its offices in Gurgaon, which has strong retention rates besides employee-friendly policies that stimulate people to have a long tenure in the company. So, if you think you are fit to work with the company, do apply for an open position that suits your skill set or profile.


NIIT Gurgaon is among the best workplaces as per a survey by an international research firm. NIIT values its employees even more than its customers, this is what makes this company ideal for its workforce.


You might take inclusion of this name in the list of best workplaces as a surprise, but you don’t need to. This public sector company has its own way to keep its employees satisfied. The company wishes to keep its young and talented employees motivated enough and for this, NTPC Delhi has self contained work stations besides many other recreational features.

Make My Trip Inc.

Make My Trip is surely a workplace that every young professional looks forward to. This online travel company maintains a lively work environment, which keeps the employees stimulated.


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