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Determining Your Plan of Attack on SEO

Updated on October 30, 2009

You can more or less forget thousands of search sites and concentrate on no more than nine search systems. The next step is to figure out how to obtain your Web site into these search systems and, more significantly, in front of the people using those systems to search the Web.
Here’s what you need to do:
- Do the keyword analysis. First you have to decide want you want rank at the top in search engines. You have to select what are your keywords and phrases you want rank. You can take a wild guess, however in my experience working with customers, you’ll almost surely fail to pick all the appropriate keywords. The finest way to select keywords, and choose the correct target, is the keyword analysis.
- Compose superior content. The search engines spiders and bot will view your site and you have a pages legible. (You can only wait for a searchbot read your site if you have a excellent content.) It can be something new to you that thousands of websites on internet cannot be readed by searchbots. For the lowdown on how to find out whether your Web pages are being read by the search engines.
- Produce keyworded pages. The well write pages is just a start. Next, you have to insert in your pages the keywords in exact places and select the true format.
- Register with the search systems. Once your pages are complete to be indexed, you need to let the search systems know where those pages are and get the search systems to include the pages in their indexes and directories - occasionally a harder job than you might wait for.
- Find other sites to link to your site. The previous strategies are the basics, but you might want to - or even need to - go further. Here are a few additional techniques that I cover:
- Register with other places. You may also need to register at specialized sites that are not significant in the considerable scheme of things but may be significant for your specific business.
- Register with the shopping indexes. If you’re promotion a product, it’s a fine idea to register with the shopping indexes. Although these indexes don’t match the large search systems in quantity of searches, they’re still significant.
- Use pay per click. You can get noticed in the search engines two ways. The normal way is normal search where you get ranked in search engines with no paying - or you can use pay per click. Many companies go directly to pay per click - a system by which you get ranked well but pay each time someone clicks a link to your site - and bypass normal search entirely. This couldn't be the most excellent idea but you may want combine the usual search and pay per click.

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