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Developing Positive Attitude

Updated on July 24, 2018

Developing Positive Attitude

Attitude is defined as; “feeling or position”. The way you feel, think is your attitude. The position of your mindset reflects through your actions towards any circumstance. Having said that I want you to know that your attitude is the foundation of your life, if you build your life on a negative foundation that means you will definitely get negative result but if you build your life on strong foundation you are going to do exploit.

Therefore developing positive attitude become imperative because that one succeed in life is the outcome of his/her attitude toward whatsoever he/she does for a living. Hence you need to develop positive attitude towards your set goals, objectives and also life in general.

Listed below are some of the keys to developing positive attitude

A positive minded person will always have attainable goals; it is only when you have set goals that you can be focused in your life because without setting a goal for yourself you will remain stagnant. Your goal is what motivate, drive and direct your life because a goalless person is equally a lifeless person in the sense that you have to live for a reason and that reason is your goals. Even if you have not set goals for yourself, you can start today and find every possible means to achieve them.

Enthusiasm is having control over your mind, which means that you can take control of your possession. The level of excitement you have concerning your goal is what determines the speed at which you attain your goal. Have passion about whatsoever you are doing for a successful end.

Receptivity is the willingness to receive or accept. To be successful, you need to be opened to new ideas from others and as well be willing to receive those ideas most especially when it is positive and can help you to achieving your set goals. Some set of people have this attitude of “I know it all” thereby exposing themselves to failure, while another set is very hostile that they cannot see anything good in another person. Hostility is a negative attitude therefore you should get rid of it if at all you find out that you have any atom of it.

Flexibility is the ability to adapt to different situations. You need the knack to be accustomed to changes in any circumstances so far it is going to yield a positive result. At times in your decision making be supple to be able to make amendment when necessary. There is a saying that “change is constant” therefore to live a positive life style you have to be flexible, may be the way you have been living your life, the character you display or may be your decision making pattern have become an obstacle to you, all you need is to bend and make a change.

Learn to be accommodating because everybody cannot think, act or behave the same way you do. Accept people the way they are, never say these words to people; “what a stupid question or idea” because whenever you say those words to anybody, you have discouraged that person instead of building the person up. Helping people to grow intellectually, morally, academically etc. is the attitude of a positive minded person because whenever you are helping people, automatically you are as well helping yourself. Create room for those ideas or questions, which you think are stupid and politely correct them when necessary.

Positive attitude


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  • Benny01 profile imageAUTHOR

    Ijeoma Peter 

    3 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

    That's right dhimanreena, its all about our mindset, it plays a huge role in how we react towards any situation. When we conquer in our mind, we would definitely conquer whatsoever circumstance we might find ourselves. Thanks for your feedback.

  • dhimanreena profile image

    Reena Dhiman 

    3 years ago

    Attitude plays an important role in personal & professional life so keep it always healthy and positive. To create a positive attitude firstly you must be able to adapt to any situation and handle with full energy.


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