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Developing Your Creativity

Updated on May 26, 2012

I remember watching television one night with my wife and a commercial came on advertising a new cooking utensil. The device was an automatic, battery operated, stirrer that stirred food on the stove while the cook does other things; essentially a time saving device. I commented to my wife the old saying; “necessity is the mother of invention”. Someone saw the need (or created the need) for this item and created it. This is evidence of the human ability to create something from nothing

We marvel at the talents of musicians, athletes, and artists, referring to them as being creative. The fact of the matter is that they are no more or less creative than you or I; they simply have a different talent. Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks ever to play in the NFL, but while he is a talented football player, he may not have the ability to write a sonnet or play a musical instrument.

The point is that you already have (in most cases) and untouched reservoir of creativity that, if accessed and developed, can possibly create an abundance of wealth for you and your family or create a much needed item or service that will improve living conditions of impoverished countries. What ever it is that inspires you, you have already been given the ability to be creative, now is the time for you to develop that creativity.

I wrote an article on the importance of keeping a journal. A journal is a great way to capture and develop your creativity. I can’t count how many times I was driving down the street and got a good idea, only to forget it by the time I got home. I know a lot of people think they can trust their memory but remember this old saying; a dull pencil is better than a sharp mind.

So how do you develop your creativity? Glad you asked. Try doing some brainstorming on the ideas you write down in your journal. Brainstorming forces your creativity to surface. Usually in brainstorming, you will get some ideas that are totally absurd but don’t be concerned with that. That’s actually your creativity developing. Make sure you write your brainstormed ideas down (starting to see the importance of writing?) so you don’t forget them.

You can also try lateral thinking; taking an existing concept or process and thinking of another way it can work. For example, a door opens by turning the knob and pushing inward or outward. Think of another way to open a door. You may not find another method that works, the object of this exercise is to get you thinking “outside the box.”

Now, here’s the most important thing you must do in order to develop your creativity; practice. You must keep your brain entertained in order to develop and retain a creative mind. Crossword and logic puzzles are a great way of accomplishing this.

Just think of how many times you saw a good idea advertised on television and thought to yourself; “I wish I’d invented that”. Well, stop wishing and start thinking. The creativity is in you, you just have to apply it. Who knows, maybe the next great invention will be yours.


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