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Die Cut Posters -- Make Them Great

Updated on January 21, 2013
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Mona writes a column for Enrich Magazine which is distributed in five countries. She is interested in learning as she writes.

Die Cuts make posters stand out

When you are making a Business Die Cut Poster, keep the big picture in mind. Someday, your trademark may be a part of American history.

We kid you not. Recently, a Winchester die cut poster commanded $13,080 at a world auction that was held online. The poster was extremely rare, in good condition and beautifully detailed. The three paneled item was by John Ingelstroem Co., and patented on Feb. 9, 1909. Among the items featured on the Business Die Cut Poster were a ram, rabbit and quail. It stood 15 inches high and 21-1/2 inches wide. Other details were shotgun shells, cartridges and ammunition. On the back side were instructions and the original string.

This article, however, is not about creating a Business Die Cut Poster with the view that someday it may command thousands in an auction. It is about creating a brand that prospers and ends up going a long way, until it becomes a classic, one hundred years down the line.

Die cutting is defined as the process of pressing a metal die with the use of sharp edges onto a material – paper, metal or leather – to cut it into a specific design. An example is the small slit you sometimes see in a brochure that holds a business card. Business Die Cut Posters are expensive, so you’d better be sure that it enhances your brand in a way that promises the long term returns that you are expecting, or even better, exceeding your short and long term expectations.

Printing Process

The process of Business Die Cut Poster Printing is not difficult. A machine is used to punch out the different shapes and designs of your Business Die Cut Poster. A larger machine can produce a lot more Business Die Cut Posters simultaneously and more quickly.

In the Die Cut Machine, a board for cutting is placed within the machine. The paper is placed on the board with attachments to hold the paper steady and avoid any unwanted movement that can lead to error in the die cut. Then, a sponge plate with a blade inside of it is inserted into the machine. In this way, it slices through the paper following your precise specifications.

Business Die Cut Posters have a commanding appearance. With appropriate branding and flawless artistry, Business Die Cut Posters can market your products in an impeccable manner, and forward your corporate image very distinctly.

You have several choices if you decide to make Business Die Cut Posters for your brand. These choices include:

1. Blank it. With this technique the end product is a flat shape, which is the most commonly used shape in standard die cuts. An example would be a poster shaped like the human heart, with the word “Forever” die cut in between a few die cut veins.

2. Coin it. There is a blank portion on the Business Die Cut Poster that is shaped like a normal sized coin. An example is the book, “Monkee Business” by Eric Lefcowitz. The cover shows a die cut of the four members of the classic band, The Monkees, with each of their heads in a coin. The book cover would also make a great promotional Business Die Cut Poster, too.

3. Bend it. Flat portions of the paper are pressed over so that certain shapes, like a flower, can appear bent over to the other side of the Business Die Cut Poster.

4. Trim it. This simply involves cutting out all the unwanted parts of your blank space. The end result is a more intricate Business Die Cut Poster with a peculiar or unique shape. Imagine how beautiful it would be to have a trimmed Business Die Cut Poster of a horse in movement.

5. Form it. Straight lines can, at a certain point, become boring. Add a bit of form, such as a curvy shape Business Die Cut Poster with your logo over it. If your logo is curvy, then you have a curvy logo over a curvy shaped surface. The result can be quite curvilinear.

6. Shave it. If you are truly meticulous, you will want to shave the sides of your Business Die Cut Poster paper stock gradually to get the precision that you require.

7. Bulge it. A Business Die Cut Poster can include a bulge on a portion of the design, which is done by filling a tube with oil or water.

8.Print it. But don’t go cheap on this very final stage of your Business Die Cut Poster. Look for an experienced printing company. A good printer will be able to advise you on your options and facets of your Business Die Cut Poster keeping in mind your business brand, marketing strategy, target market and budget.


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