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Different Types of Offshore Job Opportunities

Updated on December 31, 2012

If you are looking for offshore jobs, petroleum industry is an appropriate place. There are plenty of opportunities for skilled individuals in offshore petroleum industries and that need is not fulfilled. Many are not aware about the requirements in offshore oil fields and thus companies are experiencing hard time to search and recruit talents.

Throughout the world there are several offshore oil rigs and these companies are exploring deeper sea in order to meet growing demand for oil. It results in increased number of job opportunities in this sector. Different types of offshore jobs include the work of drillers, engineers, scientists, mechanics and others.

Job opportunities in offshore oil field

Drillers: offshore drillers have to drill and extract petroleum from seabed. They have to maintain safety and ensure that the procedures are healthy. It is also their responsibility to remain connected with their crew members and supervise drilling procedures.

Offshore engineers: Structural engineers, marine engineers, petroleum engineers, environmental engineers and mechanical engineers are some of the categories who have the opportunity to work in offshore oil fields. These designers are responsible to design, implement and maintain offshore structures. It is also their job to plan and oversee entire project. Taking care of environmental safety and health issues is also their concern.

Electricians or mechanics: Mechanics or electricians take care of the equipment that is used offshore. Maintaining the machines so that these can function well is also a part of their job.

Scientists: Oil and gas companies are in search of cost effective solutions in order to meet growing demand for oil. There is also shortage of natural reserves that created need for deep sea explorations. Scientists can think of these ideas and find out innovative ways of extraction. Thus, research is an indispensable part of the job and scientists can only help in this pursuit.

Other services: Since offshore employees have to stay for days in sea, there is need for different types of professionals like chefs, doctors, cleaning staffs and other allied services.

Working condition

Offshore oil fields operate throughout the day and employees are required to work in shifts. If you aspire to be in offshore job it is essential to realise that you will be away from home often for long time. Job recruitment in offshore oil rigs is challenging but is rewarded with well-paid salaries. Thus, if you enjoy facing challenges, offshore jobs are ideal career option for you. Formal education is not required for many offshore jobs, only engineers and medical professionals need to have training and certification for these jobs.


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