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Different Ways To Market Your Freelance Business

Updated on May 22, 2013
5 Different Ways To Market Your Freelance Business
5 Different Ways To Market Your Freelance Business | Source

5 Ways To Market Your Freelance Business

Marketing is important to any kind of business. The same is true with Freelance business. Marketing your freelance services will help your exposure to potential clients. When more and more people know about your business, when people ask around or go online about freelance related inquiry and your business come up on the top of the list, it is more likely that people will look onto your information. It can mean more clients, which means gaining more sales, and earning more money. So how do you market your freelance services? Here are several steps you can take to ensure your business' exposure to potential clients.

1. First things first.

Create a website for your business. Make it professional and appealing. Choose a business name that people would easily remember. And don't forget the important part, put your contact information on every page of your site. Put relevant information on your site where people or clients can check who you are, what you do, your successful projects and make it easy for them to find your contact information.

2. Submit your website to search engines and directories.

There are a lot of free business listing directories which you can use and submit your business information (like,,, yahoo, google, etc.)

Freelance Business Marketing
Freelance Business Marketing | Source

3. Write about freelancing related articles.

You can write about freelancing related articles and submit it to different article directory sites linking to your website. This will also help your ranking on the search engine and also gain more exposure around the web.

4. Ask former clients for referrals.

If you have former or existing clients who are happy to work with you, go and try to hit them up for a referral to someone who might need some work done. Chances are people who are happy with your work are willing to pass your name as long as you are great and professional with them.

5. Research potential clients and do email marketing.

Compile a list of potential clients for your freelance services. If you are looking for big companies or direct clients, research those businesses and email them to offer your job services. By emailing those potential clients you are reaching to numerous clients, who might be needing to hire a freelancer or assistant, if not today, possibly in the future.

In today's freelance market, there are many freelancers out there and are doing their own effort to get those potential clients. You also need to do your own part to not leave behind the competition. You can also experiment other ways on how to gain more customers. You have to be competitive enough if you want your business to survive and grow for the coming years.

How about you? Do you have any tips to share on how you market your freelance services?


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