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Difficulties and challenges in marketing

Updated on May 3, 2016

Currently, with the development of the market increasingly Vietnam. There are many established businesses have made competition increasingly fierce. To make up the difference, creating success for your business, then marketing is regarded as the staff decided to issue it.

Why Marketing to the scepter? Because if you do not make too many people will know whether marketing to you in the time of this market and bloody. You do not do your marketing, the product will go nowhere in the customer's mind. Marketing is the golden key to open the door to your business, your products to customers, to the consumer.

That was the reason for the fall in the category Marketing "top" of the newspaper industry's best workforce recently with attractive jobs like: research and market development, strategic planning brand marketing , media planning, online marketing, customer care, ... statistics show that the current average salary for staff positions ranging from Marketing 7-10 million, while management positions such as Marketing Manager, Communications Advisor, Management brand ... then up to 15-30 million - the figure is extremely attractive compared with the average of the labor market.

Opportunities and prospects are great, but the challenges for young people to succeed in this field is not small. According, the number of people looking for work in the sector amounted to 12 579 Current Marketing people, while the number of jobs being recruited just 1,206. This difference shows that the level of competition is extremely fierce.

To be successful in finding a job in Marketing, you need to identify children themselves have the ability to fit or not, avoid working on as "ephemera" and finally drowned in the whirlpool edge avoid.

So the most important factor for success with What is Marketing?

1. Innovative Capacity

Head of a solid marketing professionals always have to operate more than 100% capacity with a series of new ideas, outstanding. Market increasingly fierce competition, the value of creativity becomes more important.

2. The interest in others

A good marketing staff must know how to express myself customers, make them feel important and understand their customers well enough to determine what can be done to help them.

3. Focus on the goal

It should be really serious with their activities, set goals and measure specific, knowing exactly what's efforts and focus on completing daily tasks efficiently.

4. Patience and persistence

Marketers need to rely on the proven system effectiveness to plan schedules and learning management strategies most effective time. Stick to your plan and never give in to the challenge is a must.

5. Work with a positive attitude

Be aware maintain positive in their views, avoid jealousy, gossip, anger and negative thoughts. Do not allow the negative to take away your life force or tempt you to stray from the path you have chosen.

6. Understand that human factors play a more important role in physical and money

Successful marketers always appreciate customer. They understand the meaning of an ancient proverb: You have to spend money to get money, and religious belief that is the human problem. They invest wisely on what feels good for the customers they serve.

To get the qualities mentioned above is a process of long and intensive training efforts plus the valuable practical lessons. Determining participation in the field of marketing also means participating in the labor market and rich vibrant competition today. Prepare yourself a creative spirit relentless persistence, success will come after all the effort you have spent persevering.


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