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Better Conversion in Small Business Websites

Updated on September 19, 2012

It's all very well having a new website designed - but you have to attract visitors and then convince them to contact you - that's where the gold is! This article helps explain website conversion for the layperson.

There seems to be general confusion about what small businesses really need to do to launch a 'traffic' attractive and lead-generating website.

Sometimes proprietors get ahead of themselves and try to jump the horse before making him trot. He or she may employ Adwords professionals, and spend $2000+ on web design... but write the text themselves. Critical error. And alas MOST traditional businesses do not have any way of capturing visitor names!

They also don't have a plan for keeping the website updated and changing - critical if you want your website to keep pace with your competitors in search engine rankings, and also keep a fresh feel for repeat visitors.

To the advertiser: the Adwords won't work as well without a well-optimised 'landing page' (i.e. the page that the ad traffic will land upon). Optimised means having a professional look at whether your target market's searched keywords are there in the title, description, the headline and the first paragraph.

I’ve done my searches on empty titles {Page Title} and found hundreds of websites built by newbies and small businesses on a shoestring. This little 'meta tag' omission is costing them plenty though!

It's Not About You Mister...

In my search I noticed how 'we' focused small business website copy is. But companies have forgotten that the most powerful word is "YOU" - it outperforms other words in almost every headline ever tested.

FutureNow Inc have more tools, webinars, and reports than the average marketer, and they don’t mind giving them away. One great tool I’ve found is the ‘We We tool’ - it interprets how many we’s the website is using compared to how many you’s. Is your spiel all about yourself, or is it client/customer focused?

Hiring a Web Copywriter

A freelance copywriter will write for your market (and take into account your goals, history and mission) so that your website has a really nice flow to it. If you use Power of Words it will be keyword optimised and proofread as well. Quality is important to me, and it should be to you.

The Copywriter may also look at writing a report for prospects, so that you have something value-adding to offer your visitors in return for their email address. This is the Gold... give first and you shall receive.


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