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DigiResults: Like Clickbank, Cheaper Than Clickbank

Updated on January 9, 2015

DigiResults - Like Clickbank

If you've got a product to sell online, then you're probably wondering how to sell it, how to take online payments, possibly how to recruit affiliates to sell your product for you - and how to pay them.

Until now, the choices were few - and most inelegant. Clickbank was the biggest player in the field, but Clickbank doesn't work for everybody. So, are there others like Clickbank you can use?

Problems with Using the Paypal IPN System

In frustration, some sellers went down the Paypal route, using the Paypal IPN system to sell their products, but this isn't ideal.

The first issue with using the Paypal IPN system was that Paypal couldn't and wouldn't split the payment, so as a seller you were stuck with having to put one payment through to your Paypal account, the next through to the affiliate's Paypal account. Affiliates looking at your affiliate program will be wary of joining, unsure if they'd ever sell two - and realising quickly that if you managed to attract 1,000 affiliates maybe you'd be raking in all the sales. It wasn't a very "fair" system at all. On the other hand, if you made it so the affiliate was paid first, you'd probably wonder if affiliates were just using the affiliate program to buy themselves a copy.

So, the system doesn't really work well for either side.

The biggest issue though comes with refunds. If your affiliate sells two products for you, you get the first sale proceeds, the affiliate gets the second sale proceeds.... but what if that second product had an unhappy buyer, who wanted a refund? Could you really trust 1000 complete strangers to understand the affiliate agreement and to be ready and willing to make that refund? This has the potential to do you a lot of damage quickly, in an online world where anybody who feels aggrieved will just head straight for the forums and call you and your product a scam.

Using Clickbank

Digi Results - Like Clickbank, Lower Fees
Digi Results - Like Clickbank, Lower Fees

Clickbank is a long-standing and very reputable company. They always pay on time, Clickbank works. Affiliates can easily login, find a product and promote it - as soon as any sale is made they get paid. Clickbank manages refunds too, refunding the dissatisfied buyer and clawing back the money from affiliates. The Clickbank model works, works well and is robust.

However, the Clickbank marketplace is crowded, there are thousands of digital products in there, you can easily be overlooked, no affiliates finding you and no affiliates promoting your goods.

On top of that, once you're successfully selling your digital products through Clickbank, you'll start to become a little aggrieved at what you perceive to be high transaction costs. For the service you get from Clickbank, the costs aren't actually high. They've put in place a good system that's been working for years, they're well-known. So you pay the price. And the price is that you pay $1 per sale, plus a 7.5% transaction fee. It doesn't sound a lot, but if you're selling 100,or 1000, products a week at $10 it soon adds up.

An Alternative to Clickbank

So what was needed was an alternative to Clickbank. Is there an alternative to Clickbank? Well, as an affiliate I've tried e-junkie (hard to navigate, links are poor), I've tried PaidDotCom (not successfully). Clickbank was just better/easier for me than these.

Well, now there is an alternative to Clickbank, it works in the same way: you put up products for sale, affiliates pick your product and get links - when an affiliate gets a sale they're paid, you're paid. Everybody's happy! Oh - and refunds are done too.

But, the fees are lower, yes, Digiresults has lower fees than Clickbank - and - there are no fees to sign up. You literally sign up and list your product - and you only pay fees on each transaction. There are no monthly fees. This pretty much makes it a no brainer for all vendors!

The fees per transaction are lower than Clickbank too. There's a simple fee structure, depending on if your product sells for more than $10 or less.

  • Under $10: You pay just $0.25 per transaction + 7.5%.
  • $10 or Over: You pay just $0.50 per transaction + 5%

Faster Payments - Instant Payout

What is unique about the Digi Results system is that there's no waiting to be paid. The affiliate doesn't wait, the vendor doesn't wait.

The inbound payment for the product is taken from the buyer - and immediately the vendor and the affiliate are paid by Paypal. It's instant.

What Happens When a Sale's Made?

When a sale is made, instantly the fee ($0.25 + 5%) is deducted, the split due to the affiliate and the vendor are calculated - and immediately those payments are put into your Paypal account. No more waiting to be paid. As soon as the sale is made, you're paid, the affiliate's paid. Perfect.

No Merchant Account Required - It's All Done Through Paypal

One of the first confusions and questions new vendors ponder is whether they need a merchant account, if they can get a merchant account, how and where do they get a merchant account .... and that's another layer of costs and expenses.

You do not need a merchant account to sell your digital products online because it's all done through the Paypal Micropayments system. This really opens up the field to new vendors, people who have often thought of creating their own digital product and selling it online, except it all got a bit complex... now it's simple as there's no merchant account required.

Never Heard of Digi Results?

Well, that's not surprising at all, it's new to the market - at the moment they have under a dozen products being promoted through them, although this will rapidly increase as it's now out in the marketplace and I think anybody who has a digital product to sell online will certainly be signing up with them and trying it out - especially as there's no real cost or risk involved whatsoever.

No cost, no risk - what're you waiting for? It costs you nothing to join, you're immediately able to log on. You're immediately able to list your product and it's immediately available for affiliates to promote! Once a product is sold you're immediately paid by Paypal. It's a no brainer.


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    • earner profile image

      Dedicated Content Curator 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      You can now link your DigiResults account to your Paypal account. This provides a smooth and painless refund system for everyone involved — vendor, affiliate and customer.

      As a vendor/seller you get a refund button on the DigiResults control panel to instantly refund the customer’s payment to you and the commission and fees you paid to the affiliate and DigiResults.

      As an affiliate you don’t have to deal with any customer emails if the seller needs to issue a refund. Instead the whole transaction is reversed in one click leaving you to get on with what you’re best at — selling.

    • writing4action profile image

      writing4action 6 years ago

      You also have Click2sell

    • profile image

      Firecat 7 years ago

      That was a very interesting article. I had not heard of digi results.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for such a good and comprehensive advice.