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Digital Advertising Careers

Updated on January 9, 2015

A web-programming career allows students to create publicity that will appear on digital platforms.

Digital advertising is almost everywhere on the Internet. It is a more effective way to publicize than radio advertising or press advertising. Millions of people have access to the Internet at every hour of every day. So marketers like to take advantage of the Internet to advertise products and services. A wide variety of careers include professionals who design digital advertising.


Pursuing a career in publicity requires that you take various courses specialized in digital advertising within its program of study. A trend has developed in the field of publicity to focus more hours of education on digital advertising techniques and concepts. This will give you a more complete view of the advertising world in any type of media. The advantage is that it gives students more tools and a better foundation in the area. When finishing studies in publicity, you will be capable of working on digital advertising for any publicity enterprise or on your own as an independent publicist.

Graphic Design

Students of graphic design have a solid foundation in designing effective digital advertising for any type of media. In recent years, this career has focused on the Internet and its possibilities. A student of graphic design is capable of working on the Internet with an advanced understanding of the distribution of space, basic web programming concepts and tools for digital design. A graphic designer can work in various different jobs, including in the design of digital advertising.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing professionals are prepared to enter the digital advertising labor market. A career in digital marketing gives students the tools and knowledge they need to sell and advertise a product in the market. Students of digital marketing specialize in digital formats, so education in this field is conducted in a concrete and practical way. A digital marketer is a professional in high demand when it comes to digital advertising.

Web Programming

A web-programming career allows students to create publicity that will appear on digital platforms. Big publicity companies always look for web programmers to design digital advertising. As a web programmer, you have an advantage over professionals in other careers because you have a more complete knowledge of computers and digital functioning. In this way, you’re capable of designing distinctive and more complex digital advertisements.


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