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Dinh Cau Market

Updated on April 10, 2016
Almost any visitor to Phu Quoc and at least once had to Dinh Cau Night Market . If the day is when the fun beach activities , sightseeing tourists , the night favored Dinh Cau Night Market is where they find the most

Dinh Cau night market located? Dinh Cau Night Market stretches over 200km on Vo Thi Sau starting down the road to the 3 Bach Dang Tran Hung Dao. Cho is located not far from the sea, next to a house about 100m sacred. Dinh Cau night market What gives? The first thing that visitors come here to enjoy seafood. Seafood here is very fresh and tasty and prepared meticulously clean. From turn on Tran Hung Dao Vo Thi Sau, visitors can hear grilled seafood smell fragrant emissions from coal furnace glowing preset each booth. The furnace is on display next to the table quite eye-catching seafood. Most of the visitors have had observer oven, seafood display, asking prices and choose dishes like that before deciding to sit on the curb Statistics table. If guests do not want to sit down, the bartender will give food to the box to walk guests can quickly digest food ..., but just a few simple food only. The price is quite affordable food, no tourists tight guillotine victims as elsewhere.

Food quality disappointing . It was impressive to be enjoyed grilled scallops plate fragrant onion or fresh squid boiled Phu Quoc fish sauce genuine , steaming boiled sea snails , fish ball soup bread bowl with slices of fried Phu Quoc soft and chewy fried , golden noodle bowl fertile constant waves , crab plate , hot grilled shrimp peeled lemon pepper salt dots ...

Eating dinner , guests drop a walk to the souvenir booths with all sorts of arts and crafts items such as necklaces with strings of pearls , pearl ring , hairbrush , shaking hawksbill bracelet , assorted seashells , oysters make ashtrays or containers pens , ruler ... After the exciting holiday on the island , travelers carrying luggage must be weighed on souvenirs and specialties such as dried fish anthem , Phu Quoc fish sauce , pepper ... that buyers of household or relatives as gifts .

The first feeling when we set foot in the market when the cool , clean and stylish bustle and dedicated service of the booth . Do have committed environmental sanitation as a clean green Phu Quoc so the sellers were very conscious of preserving , and there is also a most effective way to attract buyers .


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