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Become a Direct Sales Pro in Canada

Updated on May 11, 2017

Choose Direct Sales Canada

Back in October of 2016, I had the opportunity to join Origami Owl for only $2! I already loved the jewelry and Bella Weems story, so without to much thought or consideration I jumped right in! I made the decision to become a direct sales pro in Canada without much research into who or what I would need to do to get there!

I have always felt like working from home was what I wanted to excel in. I loved the lockets and thought everyone else would love it as much as me so this would be fun and easy to sell. I reached out to the first person I came across for more information on joining Origami Owl and signed up that day! Luckily, I had stumbled across a great sponsor and she has been a huge benfit to my success.

Now don't get me wrong here, my journey to success continues daily and is not easy, least. Sometimes it is overwhelming and I'm not sure where to start my day, but I just do it and what I do isn't always right. It's important to understand that direct sales is simple but it's not easy.

Like I mentioned before I have a great sponsor. I also invest in some amazing training, set lots of goals and focus on team building, all important aspects to becoming a direct sales pro in Canada.

I want to help you on your journey to success, so here are a few tips to think about if you have already found a direct sales company and you are thinking about becoming a consultant.

Why Direct Sales?

It is important to clearly define to yourself why you want to be a direct sales pro. Most people focus on the money but your "why" needs to be deeper then that. Think about why you want to earn that extra money. Personally, my why is to earn an income while working around my kids schedule and earn enough to keep my husband home, as he has always had to work away from home.

So yes my "why" is money but the deeper reason is why I keep going. Your "why" may be completely different and that is perfectly fine. The stronger vision you have of your why, the more push you will have when things get tough, and trust me there will be difficult moments in your Direct Sales adventure.

Choose a Direct Sales Sponsor

When it comes to choosing your sponsor be sure you choose someone you like and are confident will guide you as you start your new business. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Find out why they are in the business, how they plan to help you be successful and what they are doing with their direct sales business. If you find you just don't like what you are hearing know that it is fine to choose a different sponsor. Take your time and choose the person you feel will be the best fit as you start your new business, this is all about you and your success!

Choose the Right Kit

This can be a difficult decision as most direct sales companies have different levels to join at. Of course joining at the cheapest level is where most of us feel comfortable. But, I can tell you this from experience, cheap isn't always best. Starter kits always include product at a greatly reduced price and include everything you need to successfully launch your business. The best value is the most expensive kit, yes it will mean a higher investment up front but you will see a return on your initial investment faster.

I did start out with a $2 sign up, which meant no inventory, no catalogues and only a website to sell off of. The first person who offered to do a party for me couldn't wait to see what I had to bring to her home. Needless to say, I had to scramble to make a home party work and I immediately regretted not purchasing a kit. I now feel I would have been more successful at launching my business had I just invested in the largest kit.

Launch your Direct Sales Business

Once you have found a company you love, interviewed and chosen a sponsor and ordered your kit, you need to launch your business it to success. There are a few ways you can do this but I personally feel having an open house launch is hugely beneficial.

Start by inviting your friends, family, co workers and neighbours to join you in your home once you have received your kit. Share your product in person so your friends can touch, feel and learn all about your new adventure. Share with your guests why you started in direct sales and what you love most about the product. Then ask for their support on your journey.

Becoming a direct sales pro in Canada can be fulfilling and fun. It can also be very easy to make mistakes in all our excitement to get started. Set yourself up for success by following these tips.

Still looking for a team to join? Come join me on Facebook and let's talk!

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