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Direct Selling for a Stay at home mom

Updated on December 10, 2010


Direct selling

In today’s economy, people are looking for extra work, and whether you are married or single, it is hard to make ends meet when you are depending on just one income. The problem gets worst when children are in the picture, and they have wants and needs just like everyone else. When a women decides to no longer work, either due to wanting to stay at home with the children, or for other reason, such being let go from a job she truly loves, it gets tougher when there are bills that are overdue. One thing that can help is working from home. There are many ways to work from home, and one of those ways is direct selling.

A direct selling business is a business where a person sells through a home party via host, and that person shows off the products that company has. Direct selling companies come in all sizes and products. There are direct selling companies (DSC from now on in this article) for food, clothes, hobbies and crafts, and home interior to name a few. Before a person can start diving into the world of direct selling, be cautious of the following:

1) Make sure that the DSC is registered under the DSA (Direct Selling Association): The DSA is an organization that governs over the rules and regulations that all legitimate (yes, legitimate) companies follow. Not all direct selling companies are legitimate.

2) Most DSC have representatives (consultants) who sell for them. Before signing up to be under a consultant’s team, or even buying from them, call the company to make sure this person is on the up and up. If there are any flags with this person (not turning in sells, adding things to a customer’s order without asking the customer, etc..) do not sign up with this person.

3) Make sure that it is OK with the family. Call a family forum (or whatever it is called in your family), and discuss what you want to do. This is a major decision, and it is just like making a decision to move or buying a new car. Get the children involved in the discussion if they are old enough, and answer any questions the family has tothe best of your ability.

4) Lastly, ASK QUESTIONS. This cannot be said strong enough. As stated earlier, not all DCS are legitimate companies. Ask the consultant about what is expected, such as quotas; rather it is weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Ask how much is expected to be earned in the first year. Ask about other things such as how can the business be advertised, working craft shows, gaining customers, incentives, and the product itself. Asking about the product includes, price points, quality, is there a warranty in case the product gets damaged, and is there an incentive of selling one product over another.

A DSC should be fun to sell with. After all, this is the company that is supposed to make extra money for the family. Do not expect to make a ton of money with a DSC, like those get rich companies, that sometimes scam. DSC can also have great rewards. I love the company I sell for, which is The Longaberger Company, maker of baskets, wrought iron, pottery and other home decoration and entertainment products. I have being an independent home Consultant with them for 9 years, and I am working towards my 10th year with the company next October. I have been able to pay bills, save for trips, and I enjoy the people I have met, including the current CEO, who has recently written a book. Longaberger is a family owned company, and they have core values that match alongside my values. Dave Longaberger is founder this company, and it was his heart a soul that allows this company to be what it is today. He started it in 1973, and today, the company keeps on innovating with new products, and new ways to make the products more fresh and modern looking, by keeping up with trends.

This is an example of a company that I sell for, who has the DSA seal of approval, and makes sure that they, as well as its employees and consultants follow the rules and regulations of the DSA. There are many more companies such as Tupperware, Tastefully Simple, Avon, Stampin Up!, and Close to My Heart who are under the DSA.

For the list of companies, please go to To find out more about Longaberger, please visit my website: Finally to find out more about any other company, search under that company’s name.


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