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Disability Claims Can Compensate You for Injuries

Updated on January 4, 2013

There are laws in place that allow persons who are physically or mentally impaired to make disability claims that that allow them to get some monetary benefit. These laws also specify the impairments or disabilities that are eligible for such claims.

The Process of Making Disability Claims

Disability claims are only available to people who are permanent residents and part of retirement programs. There are certain standards set for disability and the person making the claims has to pass these standards. The disabilities can arise from accidents, personal injuries or due to other medical reasons, that are acceptable by the authorities allowing these claims. A number of medical details, including past history of the claimant have to be submitted to prove the disability that has led to loss of income, or inability to pursue a profession or career. These will then be examined in detail by disability examiners who will have to corroborate that the present medical condition does prevent the claimant from following his or her profession. Details have also to be provided for all past jobs held, to ensure that one of them is not one that you can go back to, in spite of the disability.

Disability Claims for Short Terms

There are times when accidents or other reasons do prevent a person from pursuing a normal life and profession. At this time it is possible to go in for short term disability claims that will allow some respite and enough time for the person to get well and back to normal life again. Such claims will require an insured person, with this sort of coverage to furnish certain details that will help to process the claim. The status of employment, its duration and sick day entitlements will have to be proved to the insurance company. The nature of the disability and the likely time that it will prevent you from working has to be identified. Some companies do allow persons to continue to have a lien on the job and even pay some part of the salary. These have to be indicated before making any short term disability claims.


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