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The Disease of Failure

Updated on October 18, 2014

It is a fact that many people are suffering from a fatal disease.
Of course the vast majority of people immediately think about the typically encountered ailments like cancer, HIV AIDS, diabetes, influenza and all of the countless travesties that happen to be riddling our society.
But this disease is a mind-deadening thought disease, chances are you'll have heard of it. It is known as excusitis.
Each and every failure you know has this disease in its advanced form and I'm guessing that even you may have suffered from at least a severe bout of "24 hour excusitis".
Why is this fatal, you ask, and I answer that it can spiral one straight down into a spirit of avoidance that kills you.
You might not actually be placed in a grave yet, but how many individuals are walking around already dead.
Their body just does not know it yet, but they are really void of hope, enthusiasm, joy, ambition, success and the many elements that make life worth living.

Basically all the same excuses made by any mediocre or failing individual could even be made by the successful person.... but they are not.
Yes, the successful examples are also busy, also have family problems, disasters and crises at times hit their lives, many have physical disabilities or real ailments they're handling and treating, they tire, have obstacles that have to be overcome, had no money growing up, didn't have the benefit of the best schools.

Winston Churchill was in a prisoner of war camp at one stage, President Roosevelt could have hidden behind his lifeless legs and being wheelchair bound, Richard Branson could have used failed businesses and deals that bankrupted him as an alibi.
Lance Armstrong regardless of recent discoveries of unethical behaviour, could have hidden behind his cancer. I necessarily mean, let's be truthful, could you have won the Tour de France seven times even with the many performance enhancing substances?

In a number of situations when people find that they are really not performing as they had expected or not attaining the outcomes that happen to be expected, they start to search for an alibi which will help them to save face.
Every time they use that excuse the condition becomes increasingly embedded in their minds until finally they actually begin to believe it and they start to rely on it all of the time.
Have I mentioned that your sub-conscious mind has no decision making process.
It believes everything you tell it! So if you are continually telling people that you're too sick, or too young, or very old, or too broke, well your subconscious mind is a part of that dialog and it believes you.
The more frequently you repeat it, the more your subconscious mind becomes convinced it is true.
We must vaccinate ourselves against this disease of failure - excusitis.

By far the most frequent excuses that people like to use could possibly be categorised quite easily.
Firstly, health is often a fabulous excuse and it can usually buy you some sympathy at the same time.
Nonetheless, I want you to consider on a single fact for a moment - the perfect human body is non-existent in these modern times.
Undoubtedly everybody has something which they could use as an excuse, and quite a few surrender in whole or in part to their maladies.
In truth Dr. Schindler in his book How to Live 365 Days a Year, remarks that 75% of people that are sick can be well if they learn how to control their emotions.
Decide to live till you die. To make use of a name that is in the limelight to some extent for the present-day, I imagine that Oscar Pistorius in his athletic career can be a good example of how the right perspective and no legs will beat the incorrect attitude and legs any day.
Try to keep your mind focussed on his athletic career please!

How do we heal ourselves of health excusitis?
Refuse to discuss your health.
To keep bringing up your health in conversation will seriously begin to believe that you may also be suffering from a case of acute hypochondria. It bores people.
Then decide to stop worrying about your health.
Exercise some self control.
Just because you have experienced a health problem does not mean you've got to keep obtaining cardiograms or X-rays.
Adhere to your therapy as prescribed by your health experts and then have confidence in them that the job is done.
Often worry can exasperate a condition a lot more than anything at all.
Next, start to be sincerely grateful that that you are as healthy as you happen to be and lastly determine that it is far better to wear out than to seize up. Life is yours to live - value it and don't waste it.

The subsequent category of failure disease is IQ excusitis. Much too many individuals are convinced that they are just not clever enough, however as opposed to health excusitis that do not bring it up in conversation.
They just sense it in their core. Often they are intimidated by others in their career or area of interest but they usually make a serious error in two areas:
1) We vastly underestimate the power of our own brain;
2) We overestimate the other persons brainpower.

The most important aspect they've completely missed:
The thinking and attitudes that guide your intelligence, is a lot more important than the amount of intelligence itself.
Teachers will often let you know about the kid who was potentially the brightest but he was just very lazy or unmotivated or bored or intimidates to get the results he deserved.
Just enough sense to persist with a thing, anything, until it's finished has considerably more value than intelligence that doesn't get off the sofa!

You can be good at absolutely anything if you have the interest and also the enthusiasm.
I heard it claimed once that if someone had read 3 books on any one particular subject it qualified them as an expert.
I liked that sort of thinking and I do believe it true in most situations.

Also modern technology drastically levels the playing field.
Einstein was once asked how many feet are in a mile?
He replied "I don't know.
Why should I fill my brain with facts which I can glean in moments from any basic reference book?"
With the internet these days, those moments can be milliseconds.
Knowledge is not power, it is the way you use that knowledge that creates power.
Use your mind to think rather than just use it as a warehouse for facts.
But thinking may be the hardest work any person can do, which is why so few people will do it.
Solve problems, think up ideas, dream, after which put it into practise.
The last part is what numerous very clever people will not do.

In the event you suffer from this form of the disease there is pleanty of hope in your case because it’s simple to cure.
Put yours along with other people’s intelligence in their proper perspective.
You are not as dumb as you think - keep in mind all your prior successes, and also the other guy is perhaps not as bright as you would like to think either.
Then, do not forget that your optimistic attitudes are a lot more important than brainpower anyway.
Being able to actually think is a superior asset than merely retaining facts - unless you need to make a career of entering Television gameshows.

Following on the popularity poll, will be the excuse of age.
Too old, far too young - it can come from different directions. "I've missed the boat". "I don't have credibility yet because of being fresh out of school".
Let's cease right here and handle the those that believe they are "past it".
I'm not going to waste your time trying to persuade them that they are as young as they feel. That's only a cliche that implies very little to someone.
Start by asking them when they really feel a person's productive age comes to an end. If they're serious they will are likely to give an answer of about no less than 70 to 75 years of age if that person stays in shape.
Then find out from them when they think it begins.
Chances are they'll guess at about 20 depending on studies or college. Now what ever your age, give attention to how many years you have left.
Anybody below 45 hasn't even got to the half way point yet. Your attitude towards your age may be the crucial element and you may make it a blessing or a curse.
When an individual can beat the ailment of making use of age as the excuse you will gain the positive hope and sensation of becoming young.
When I studied at university there was a woman of over fifty in several of my courses who went back to university and passed a degree in a thoroughly different career path than the one she had previously.
Often I wonder how I'd have completed in my degree if I only began it now in my forties, knowing what I know and having had a full career.
I'm guessing it could be a lot simpler than it had been for me back then. Fresh out of school at university I made so many mistakes, had a lot of doubts, so little discipline, and was so easily intimidated.
I'm optimistic I'd do a lot better now.

If on the other hand, you feel you may be too young.
I can let you know that you simply have to know a few things.
Firstly, if you lived on an actual farm a boy have grown to be a man when he proved he could do the work of a man.
I've heard Angus Beuchanan say "When a boy can ride a horse and shoot a gun - he is a man".

You youngsters, or should I say "us" youngsters need to understand that when we prove we're capable of doing the job the greatest, under true leadership, you would get it regardless of what your age. Lastly, get accustomed to having older people working for you. Leaders in all fields find that they have another person older than themselves working for them but respect them. Never be a dictator, ask their views, get their ideas, and let them feel like they are a a part of a team.
As being a final word on age - invest time in that which you love the most.
Life is longer than many individuals imagine.

The last sort of excusitis is luck excusitis.
"Very little ever works for me." "You do not understand, I'm jinxed."
Philosophers have often claimed, "there is a cause for everything".
There is no such thing as an actual accident.
It is always caused by some thing.
On a roads mishaps may be attributed to mechanical failure, driver error, weather conditions, excessive speed as well as a wide variety of other causes.
All those people who superstitiously cling to their failure as them attracting bad luck have to merely work out what's the cause.
People never succeed as a result of luck. Even to be in the right place at the right time, you had to put your self there.
People do not get promoted thanks to luck. In fact some of the other staff members will say it was luck but quite simply they were just better qualified to do the job.
Top executives never select senior positions by pulling names out of a bag.
Are you able to picture if a huge organisation like Microsoft or Apple had to reorganise itself according to luck.
Each and every industry or company you know would totally fall apart if it based its success on chance.

Gary Player, the well-known golfer once said, "It is funny, the more I practice the luckier I get!"
Get real - it's not luck or lack thereof. End trying to dream up the effortless approach to success.
That is just wishful thinking.
No person who attained some thing successful did without any work whatsoever and you'll find those that have had everything fall into their lap on a silver plate but they lost it all due to the fact they were inactive with it.

You could be cured of this life threatening disease.
The steps above are easy and you now know how. we wish you all blessings for your new direction to mental health.

“Any person who imagines they are able to work on your own winds up surrounded by nothing but rivals, without companions. The actual fact is, no person ascends alone.” by:Lance Armstrong

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An attorney runs a stop sign and gets pulled over by a sheriff.
He thinks he is smarter being a big shot legal professional from New York and has a better education than an sheriff from West Virginia.
The sheriff asks for license and registration.
The legal professional asks, "What for?"
The sheriff responds, "You didn't come to a complete stop at the stop sign."
The lawyer says, "I slowed down and nobody was coming."
"You still did not come to a complete stop. License and registration please," say the sheriff impatiently.
The attorney says, "If you can show me the legal distinction between slow down and stop, I'll give you my license and registration and you'll be able to give me the ticket. If not, you let me go and do not give me the ticket."
The sheriff says, "That seems fair, please exit your vehicle."
The legal professional steps out and the sheriff takes out his nightstick and commences beating the attorney with it.
The sheriff says, "Do you wish me to stop or just slow down?"

Author: Paul Johnson, Motivational Speaker and the M.D. of Movers & Shakers, a leading Motivation and Team Building company in South Africa.


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