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Disney Wonder Cruise Ship Line Jobs

Updated on August 10, 2011

Help food counter person, housekeeping, front desk person, waitress/waiter, the help wanted ads lately offer many of these types of positions available. But, most of the jobs offered don't allow you to travel and have new experiences, all while getting paid.

Think of the word "job" and what comes to mind is time spent earning a decent wage. Now when you think of the word "cruise", what comes to mind? The fun, exciting times aboard a cruise ship is what we all think of. One great way to combine the need for a job and the desire to travel is to try for Disney Cruise Ship employment. It sounds exciting, doesn't it? Yes, you would be working to make sure the guests have a good time, but you would also be aboard a ship of one of the worlds best known names for fun-Disney!

The process for getting Disney Cruise Ship employment is very detailed to ensure a good fit between employer and employee...

The Disney Fleet

Disney Cruise Ship employment opportunities are available within the Disney fleet which includes the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. And in 2011 the Disney Dream, and in 2012 the Disney Fantasy, both luxury liners, will be added.

The existing ships visit amazing so many ports in the Eastern and Western Caribbean along with many locations in the Bahamas, and Europe. And in 2011 the Disney Wonder will visit Alaska along with the Mexican Riviera. The new ships will be visiting other exciting ports that haven't yet been announced.

Can you meet Disney's Employment Expectations?

Disney defines their philosophy of employment as being "aggressive hospitality". Meaning that employees are expected to anticipate a guest's needs rather than wait to be asked for help. Also, every contact with guests is with a smile, eye contact, and a thank you.

Crew members work as a team treating each other with care and respect, being sincerely honest, acting in a manner that goes with their words, the willingness to share information, the ability to work together, the acceptance of diversity within each other, the desire to give quality service to the guests, and keeping the fun and excitement in each day.

Basic qualifications are and you must be:

  1. Able to converse in English
  2. At least 21 years old
  3. Able to get a passport
  4. Able to give the Disney company at least 6 months of employment
  5. Physically able to work a 7day, 70 hour week during your employment
  6. Have experience in the position you are applying for and 2 years experience. But they don't require it to be aboard a cruise ship
  7. Flexible- to work different schedules, places, and duties
  8. Be focused on the Guest
  9. Be willing to have a roommate while on board
  10. Able to work in a fast paced environment
  11. Tolerant of other employee's diversities

The Value of a Good Employee

Disney places a high value on their Crew Members.  Your hard work and dedication for the guests is recognized by the company.  They feel that a happy Crew Member will naturally make a happy guest.  The company tries to make the work environment enjoyable and supportive.  Crew Members are all given opportunities to develop and grow within the company. 

What types of Jobs are there?

The most successful employment experience is where the job and the employee are a good fit. Not everyday can be perfect; however, if you like your job and are good at it, the level of service for the Disney guests stays on top. Some of the positions which you could apply for are:

  • Hotel retail- selling merchandise aboard ship and on the island, restocking merchandise, and working in the Crew store
  • Hotel guest services- handle the Guest relations, questions, and deal with issues. Work at the switchboard, handle cash
  • Housekeeping-custodial- clean the Guest areas, Crew areas. Handle luggage and gifts
  • Housekeeping-stateroom- Clean from 10-17 Guest cabins two times a day. Handle and distribute incoming. and outgoing luggage. This position does get tips
  • Galley Steward-Washes dishes, pots, and pans
  • Galley Cook- prepares meals, Culinary experience is required
  • Dining room Server- Greet and provide service during meals
  • Beverage and Bartender service- Provide beverage service
  • Cruise Staff- Participate in all adult/family activities including setup, cleanup. Requires a high level of energy
  • Cruise DJ-Provide entertainment for all Guest activities
  • Lifeguards
  • Deck- Deckhands and maintenance
  • Engineering- Electricians
  • Human Resources- in charge of the training and development of Crew Members

Many other positions are available within each of these categories.

Prepare and Apply

Think about which of the positions you are best suited. For any of these, Disney is looking for energetic, enthusiastic, hard working team players. Prepare a resume which includes jobs you have had to demonstrate your experience, and skills you possess which will add to your employ-ability within the company. Be prepared for the interview to last about 10 to 30 minutes. Lastly, be expecting, if hired, a job opening to be as soon as the next week or within the next 6 months.

In addition, many colleges and universities offer Internships which give you hands on experience as well as college credits. in exchange for completing an internship with Disney Professional Internships. Head to the Disney Employment website for details.


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    • wearing well profile image

      Deborah Waring 7 years ago from Lancashire U.K.


      It's a great job if you want to travel and get paid whilst doing so :)

    • MimiKat33 profile image

      MimiKat33 7 years ago from Northeastern NY State, USA

      Thank you for your interest and positive comments. While I never had the opportunity to work on a cruise ship; it sounds like an amazing job to have along with the people you meet and places you see.

    • wearing well profile image

      Deborah Waring 7 years ago from Lancashire U.K.

      As an X Steiner therapist who worked on board cruise ships many years ago;I can certainly recommend this type of work.The daily working hours may be long,but occasionally you do get shore leave of a few hours or time out during the day to relax.

      The people you meet and the places you see are just amazing!

      Thanks MimiKat33 for bringing back treasured memories for me :)