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Do You Believe The Money Earning Gods?

Updated on July 16, 2011

Each day people are getting lots of information about earning money online! Amazing and attractive slogans, news, contents and websites are launching each moment on the web and people are much more interested when they find that those brings you huge money. These type of  money making media are very concerned to inspire you to bring free money online for your. But do you believe these money earning Gods?

Money Earning Gods

Who are the money earning Gods? Have you any idea? Actually money earning Gods are not a particular type of people or a group of people. I used this terms some people who inspired your to earn money for you. Normally, they offer you how to earn huge money online easily with easy simple steps. These type of people can be a website or a web publishers or a freelance writer or any company. But there primary goal is to make you comfortable and believe on them to earn money for you. Lastly, they sell products or ask you some payments for fulfilling the desire of money earning. They just shows you to pay their affiliate products or to purchase a tool etc. All these type of people or companies or products are termed as money earning Gods.

How Money Earning Gods Work?

The work of money earning Gods quite similar. Money earning Gods generally doing business. They create lots of attractive earning advertisements through visual graphics or articles. Thousands of such articles are available throughout the web. Mostly used things are the images with attractive dollars or articles with attractive styled eye catching title and contents with bold colored tagging. Moreover, they advertise through adwords. They also write articles several forums or webs. They also create contents and publish them several link or article directory.

What Are the Main Login of Money Earning Gods?

Money earning Gods always try their best to make you understand that you can earn much money through them. They advertise their products or concepts and real live fake example to attract you. But the main logic is to earn from you when you are convinced by them or by their products or by their contents.

Are All the Money Earning Gods Are Fake?

Actually, what is the real answer I even don't know. But the thing I seem that there may be some real money earning Gods. But you must have to find. In the following some personal opinions will be noted. Just read and then you may get your answer:

  • Why you are qualified to earn much money? Do you think that your are capable of earning huge money without any work. To earn some money, you must have to work and you must have to be the owner of some resources or capital. For the case of Internet to earn money you must have a website with high traffic or some fresh unique contents.
  • Why you expect to earn money easily? The reasons are simple. All the money earning Gods tell you lots of talks or stories about earning money easily. They also show you lots of real life examples who are earning lots of money easily. That's why you are simply believe them and thought that earning is so simple and easy
  • Why you believe them? All the money earning Gods focuses their success story to make people rich. But you may believe on your own risk. The intelligent people generally do a research and then finally decide whether to follow any money earning Gods or not. Most of the people take decision not to join or not to hear to the talks or offers of all these money earning Gods. However it's your own wish whether you follow or not.

Earning money online is not so easy as people say or the money earning Gods always advertise. To earn money, you have to spend much time and effort to work online. Peoples personal experience is that the best way is to earn using AdSense program like Google Ad Sense program. Before using any type of AdSense program, you must have enough unique and good contents to publish and then it is possible. But the earnings again depends on the total no of visitors actually visits your pages or contents. This type of cases the earnings are not so high but pretty enough to pay your house rent bill or electricity bill or phone bill or the cable TV bill etc. So, it's better not to rely on the money earning Gods. Rather spend your own time to create good amount of contents and then start earning through using AdSense programs or other affiliate programs. Remember, if you like to follow or depend on money earning Gods, you need time, money and labor etc. everything and then have to create contents. But if you forget all of them expect creating contents that's enough. Only creating good useful contents is far far better to earn some money for your daily use. You may give a try of this technique whether it is useful or not. Hopefully, you find it very much effective and useful to earn money online easily and sometimes you can also earn much money. So, time to forget all the money earning Gods and start earning yourself by creating contents like HubPages or blog or your own website.

© Written by rancidTaste


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    • Wendy Krick profile image

      Wendy Krick 7 years ago from Maryland

      Very True. Making Money online takes lots of time and effort.

    • profile image 7 years ago from bear, de, 19701

      How to find it? it needs deep observation and trial. once you find it, you can earn by sitting front computer. thanks for question parameters.

    • katie54321 profile image

      katie54321 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Nice hub. You're right - there is no easy way to make money online. It takes a lot of work.