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What are the Benefits of IAS Test Series and Which Test Series to Join

Updated on August 29, 2017
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Moolnivasi is an avid reader and prolific writer who loves to write on Educational, Social and Political issues.

With the boom of e-learning tools and resources there are many mock tests and test series available online for Indian Administrative Services (IAS) exam and if you're preparing for the IAS, you might have come across many of these test series offers. So the question which must be top most in your mind is whether you should try out these mock tests and will they help you in clearing the Prelims and Mains stages of the IAS exam?

Are You Just Starting Your Preparation or Actively Preparing?

Before you run to join the first test series you come across, first ask assess your current situation. Have you just started preparing for the Prelims or have been preparing for some time now?

Secondly, are you planning to appear for the Prelims this year or next year? If you plan to appear after 2 years then joining a online test series at this stage will not help you much since the questions would've changed and also you will not be prepared to attempt mock tests right now.

After all, mock tests should only be attempted after adequate preparation of that topic.

But if you plan to attempt the IAS Prelims this year or are actively preparing for next year's Prelims, then you can consider joining a test series provided:

  • You have prepared the topic already
  • You know what to expect from the mock tests

Now let's come to the next important question, what are your expectations from an online test series for IAS exam?

If you're expecting the exact questions from the mock tests to appear in the actual paper set by the UPSC, then your expectations are unrealistic and you will end up being disappointed with the test series that you have enrolled for.

A test series for IAS exam, whether online or offline, can help you in the following ways:

  • Help you identify your strong and weak areas
  • Help you gain confidence before the actual exam
  • Help you to manage time and stress during the actual exam
  • Help you to tackle negative marking in the IAS exam

The above four are the main benefits of joining an online or offline test series for IAS exam, specifically, for IAS Prelims.

So if you're preparing for Prelims right now and plan to attempt the IAS prelims this year or the next, I strongly suggest you consider joining a good test series program.

How to Identify a Good Test Series?

Now that you know the advantages of joining an online test series for IAS exam, the next question which is a good test series for IAS Prelims? Should you join the cheapest or the costliest test series or the first test series you come across.

A good test series for IAS exam must have the following features:

  • It should cover Paper 1 as well as Paper 2
  • It should It should offer topic-wise tests as well as full-length tests
  • It should offer adequate number of tests to test all aspects of your preparation
  • It should be based on actual UPSC pattern with the all the question types, negative marking and time limit
  • It should provide feedback analysis and performance evaluation features
  • It should offer unlimited attempts so you can attempt the same tests again until you gain confidence and the right skills
  • It should be affordable

Which are the Recommended Test Series for IAS Exam

From the above features that any good test series for IAS exam must offer to its users, let's see which are some of the most popular test series available right now for IAS aspirants.

IAS Test Series Comparison

IAS Kracker Test Series
Forum IAS Test Series
Insights Test Series
Vision IAS Test Series
Number of Tests
Unlimited Attempts
Delivered in PDF Format
Current Affairs Included
Paper 1 and Paper 2
Yes (Only 4 Paper 2 tests)
Paper 1 only
Solutions Provided
Advanced Reports
Rs 1790
Rs 5980
Rs 7500
Rs 14000

So Which is the Best Test Series for IAS?

From the above comparison, it is clear that IAS Kracker's Online Test Series offers the most features and is most affordable as well. There are other test series programs as well apart from the 4 listed above, but these four test series are the most popular among IAS aspirants and so I have compared only these.

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