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Do Not Pout. You Have To Sell.

Updated on March 1, 2016
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Gwen's sales career began in 1997. In March 2015, she started The Authory Club to assist Indie authors with selling their books.

Do not pout when you hear this. If you are going to sell your books, then you have to be a salesperson. Want another key idea? You have competition in the market place. Look to your left and then your right. There are a half million romance novels for Kindle, and 25,000 new romance releases on Amazon. If you are a Mystery and Suspense author, your competition is 157,000 books for Kindle and 10,000 new releases on Amazon.

Pick an obscure sub-category like Sports Romance, and you are up against 6,000 other books on Amazon. Or Fantasy Erotica and you are competing with 3,500 other books. It just does not stop. Do you want to know why switching to Erotica did not give you a boost in sales? It is because there are 300,000 titles under this category on Amazon!

Your competition is a brick wall. You can either tap-tap-tap at it, or take a sledgehammer to it. What do some do? They list their books under some obscure category on Amazon, like Thrillers>Cats In Heat, and hope that the bestseller tag helps them sell their books--tap-tap. Then they post their book covers like crazy in Facebook groups where the vast majority of the members are other authors, the competition.

A real salesperson would tell you, "Do what successful salespeople do." Stand your ground and go face-to-face with your prospects as much as possible. At least get your books in their hands! I do not know about you, but I like to buy what I can touch.

Gwen Payne began her sales career in 1997. She has sold for small businesses and large corporations. She started The Authory Club in March 2015 to assist Indie, new and self-pub authors to sell their books. Join The Authory Club at BookCon 2016: TheAuthory.Club/Display-My-Book/.

I pay attention to my competition.

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