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Occupations - Embrace Your Unique Abilities!

Updated on September 29, 2012
Looking Through Mountains with a Cup of Tea
Looking Through Mountains with a Cup of Tea | Source

Believe in Your Way

Hi everybody, this is my day I declare freedom from worry and doing what I am not meant to do! In my day job, I am a photographer at a local hospital. I photograph newborn babies. Believe it or not this can be a high pressure job. The job is sales driven, but sometimes it is impossible to get sales for a variety of reasons. I am a good photographer, good sales person, a “people person” if you will. I enjoy meeting new people every day and take pride in creating a photograph that captures a baby’s unique personality. However, sometimes you just have to walk away when things become a little too intense, even if its just to go outside to take a breather. Go ahead, look at the trees or just do nothing. This is exactly what I do. A couple of minutes after I do this I am quite clear on what is essential and what is not worth worrying about. I usually get some ideas for projects that I am working on and this connects directly with the title of this article. I will explain.

When I’m outside taking my breather, I am watching everything. The trees are just doing what they’re are meant to do do, growing tall and strong. They are not swayed from their path. I am particularly struck by the Beech trees. These trees are the silent sentinels of the woods. If a tree could talk, they might say “follow me and I can show you the way to contentment”. These trees are on either side of an ancient creek which draws a curvy path through a small patch of woods behind the hospital where I work. The creek has been there for as long as I can remember. This area of the creek and woods seem to operate on faith, every year, no matter what is going on around them, the creek still flows and the trees still grow! You don’t see the woods trying to morph into mountains! They do what they do best, provide shelter for smaller trees, food for animals and insects, and beauty for whoever wants to enjoy it.

I am a trained 2 dimensional fine artist (in simple terms, I create paintings, prints, photographs and illustrations). Sometimes I dabble in jewelry making; as you may guess, I am a very creative kind of girl. I chafe at too many rules and regulations or time constraints! I enjoy being in the moment and doing what I do best, creating new stuff!

Being a fine artist is not the easiest way to make a living. I have had many, many different types of jobs. The jobs I keep coming back to are where I can use my creativity. This can be challenging, though, these jobs are not always easy to come by. I keep these ideas in mind when I feel I’m a gerbil on a never ending wheel going around and around.

There is very rarely a need to hurry; have faith, there will be enough time to do what needs to be done.

Stay on your path.

Be dependable; take a cue from the Beech trees who provide a veritable jungle gym for the squirrels in the summer and shelter in the winter.

No need to be greedy, there is enough for all!

Be your best and not just when its easy; look at any tree after a winter snow storm, don’t their branches look striking with their winter coat of snow?

Always take the higher ground. Things will work themselves out.

Do what you do best, (over and over again) and leave the rest behind! There, now, go grab the day and make it a great one!


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