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Do You Know What SAP HR Consultants Are?

Updated on March 19, 2013

The term SAP refers to the enterprise software that companies use for running the business. This software system provides analytic and transactional functionality for supporting the various business processes that take place in the functional areas such as accounting and finance, customer relations, human resource or supply chain. SAP HR consultants are professionals who help companies implement the HCM (Human Capital Management) or HR (Human Resource) module of SAP.

SAP HR consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in implementing the software into the organisation’s system. Depending on their knowledge and expertise, an SAP Human Resource consultant may have to handle numerous responsibilities. The scope of their job will also depend on the particular project as well as on the complexity and size of the implementation.

Mid-level SAP Human Resource Consultant:

The mid-level or typical SAP HR consultant generally works with IT users and businesses at the client organisations so that they can understand the business processes and HR programs of that particular company. Understanding these factors is important when the consultants need to develop blueprints, specifications, user documentation, and test scenarios that are required for implementing the system. These consultants generally gain enough functional knowledge and experience over the years of working in this field. Their knowledge makes it easier for them to manage business processes and HR programs for the client.

Junior SAP Human Resource consultant:

The junior SAP consultant generally possesses experience of implementing at least one SAP software system within a company’s system. In order to gain the experience of a junior consultant, an SAP professional needs need to be involved with the full life cycle of the project. Her or she will be responsible for performing most of the technical configurations of the system. Such technical configurations may include creating reports and screens. They will have to create these depending on the specifications that have been developed with the mid-level SAP human resource consultant and the client.

Senior SAP Human Resource consultant:

In order to get a job for the position of a senior SAP HR consultant, the SAP professional needs to have at least 10 years of experience. They must have specialised knowledge and experience in implementing SAP system into the company’s already existing HR systems. The senior consultant has the responsibility of providing suggestions and advice to their clients regarding how the SAP HCM should be implemented so as to make the organisation’s best practices more effective and efficient.

A senior consultant gains thorough knowledge and understanding of the entire process by working with several clients. This way they become competent enough to understand the organisation’s primary needs and thus, can provide useful advice regarding increasing efficiency. In some cases, the senior consultant may also have to be involved in the sales process in order to help the company get more projects.

Functional experts:

Many SAP HR consultants have a thorough understanding and extensive functional expertise in specific areas of human resource, for instance, employee benefit plans. When it comes to large projects and complex HR plan designs, the functional expert may even lead and supervise the design part of the project that falls under her area of expertise. This way they can make sure that all the technical design features of the HR program are documented in the SAP HCM design specification in the correct manner.

These are some of the roles that SAP HR consultant play throughout their career. If you are looking for contract based jobs in this area of expertise, you will need to consult the reputed recruitment companies and agencies. With contract based jobs, the SAP professional can not only gain relevant work experience, they can also create a strong foundation for their career.


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