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Do You Know the Qualities of a Good Manager?

Updated on November 11, 2011

Managers are plentiful as most businesses have at least one while others have several dependent upon their size. There are many fine managers in all types of businesses but the question is what distinguishes them to be a good manager from a poor one. The main point in answering this question is the actions and decisions a manager must make. As individuals we all have our own style of getting things done and managers are no different. Several factors affect the perception of being a good manager. Some of these factors may be familiar while others may not.

Before discussing the aspects of being a good manager there are character issues which need to be present in all individuals within an organization. Two of these are critical in an organization. They are integrity and honesty. These two traits can make the difference between a successful organization and a successful team. Other aspects and qualities involved in being a good manager mean nothing without the characteristics of integrity and honesty.

Next to integrity and honesty the most important aspect which separates a good manager from a poor one is the aspect of micro-managing his workforce. While micro-managing may be needed to some degree it is not a good practice for a successful business. Successful organizations must trust their employees to do their jobs without watching over what they are doing and how they are doing it. Organizations who micro-manage their employees have problems in a number of areas. The first is morale of employees. Individuals who are micro-managed can sometimes feel anyone can do their job. This kind of atmosphere can or will create situations where they may not take pride in the work they do. Employees who take pride and responsibility in organizations have the freedom, within reason, to do their job in a way that works best for them. Managers who require employees do a function their way stifle development of individuals

As previously mentioned every individual has their own methods for getting the work done and while it may not be the way a manager thinks it should be done it does not make it wrong.

Being a good manager also involves realizing the fact that they do not always know all the answers and allowing input from those they supervise helps an organization to grow and prosper. Granted in some cases specific steps are required to perform certain functions and many employees understand this but where the opportunity exist managers must give some leverage to employees.

Other factors of being a good manager involve providing the training necessary to do their jobs. Without the proper training and guidelines many employees will not excel in their work.

Evidence of good management skills is the ability to utilize the talents of their employees. Every individual has talents and expertise in specific areas and often they can understand a process that is confusing to others. This is where a good manager utilizes the talent he/she has which benefits the entire organization. Utilizing talent also involves getting to know your employees and what they can provide to the organization and help it to grow and be successful.

Another last aspect which distinguishes a good manager is he/she listens to his employees. Listening is a trait that is difficult for some but it is especially important for a manager. Managers cannot properly manage their employees and their responsibilities without listening to issues they identify and sometimes the solutions for them. Managers are an important commodity within an organization and if they properly utilize the talents they have they will be recognized as a good one not a bad one. The qualities and characteristics discussed in this article are only a sample of what good managers can accomplish. Good managers can make or break an organization. Managers at all levels in an organization must utilize the elements presented to enhance and increase the effectiveness and success of their organization.


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