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Do You Need a Logo?

Updated on June 3, 2012

You've lost count of the days you spent deciding your business name, selecting the font, its size and colour. The effort and time spent was to make your business identity stand out from your competitors.

You've completed the business plan, got the funding (ok that bit you might have to really imagine) and it's your first day's trading.

As you go to place the stationery in the printer, a spotlight illuminates the paper in your hand. You see it and you don't see it. There is no logo. You convinced yourself you didn't need one.

Now you aren't so sure. Money is tight, you made many sacrifices to get this far. Should you spend even more money on getting a logo? Is it worth it? Although very much a cliché, every picture tells a story. It still holds true.

Most of us would rather look at a friend's pictures of their holiday rather than a 30 page written account of their holiday.

Pictures capture more than just images they capture colour and atmosphere. A picture of a friend or family member standing near a waterfall can be spectacular and memorable.

This is what a well designed logo does; it makes your business identity memorable. Think of Apple computers, Microsoft windows orthe Facebook logos. All these logos are instantly recognisable and communicate the character of the company.

Should you go down the DIY route to create your logo? This option will definitely save you money. But, a well designed logo shows originality and creativity, characteristics potential customers want to see from companies they want to do business with. An unprofessional or poorly designed logo can turn away potential new customers.

While accepted wisdom is the logo should be simple. It's more accurate to say it should be visually stimulating. This may mean complexity, as care needs to be taken that the logo isn't regarded as offensive I other parts of the world. You’re on the internet so the world is your audience.

The logo is an important element of your branding so your product or service needs to reflect the quality your logo silently promotes.


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