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Do You Need a Social Media Marketing Certification

Updated on November 16, 2015

Social media marketing is one of the top online marketing disciplines in the country due to the popularity of social media among Filipino netizens. In fact, social media channels are marketers' most favorite platforms for outreach, engagement, and promotional activities.

Social media marketing in the Philippines is growing by leaps and bounds, and with this, comes the growth in the demand for social media professionals who possess the right skills. If we base this on the state of digital marketing skills in the world, however, studies show that there is a digital skills gap among marketers these days.

A study conducted by Smart Insights, eCommerce Expo and Technology for Marketing and Advertising reveals that more than 50% of companies surveyed describe recruiting those with appropriate digital skills as "challenging" or "very challenging.” The key recommendation to solve this problem is, therefore, to invest in developing digital skills.

Is a Social Media Marketing Certification Worth It?

Social media is easy to use. With some creative ingenuity, you can learn to promote brands and reach out to influencers. However, simply generating likes, follows, and retweets don’t necessarily translate to conversions.

Social media has, likewise, become a haven for spammers while its monetization has made customers wary of promotional content and sly online marketing tactics. Therefore, marketers using social media must acquire specific knowledge and skills to use these channels effectively.

If you wish to be a certified professional in this field, obtaining a social media certification from a reputable institution will teach you the techniques you need to use social media to achieve brand objectives. If you're still on the fence about getting one, consider these pros and cons to help in your decision-making.

Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing Certification


  • Accelerated Learning

The lessons taught are specific to social media marketing only. Unlike a diploma course, it will not take you years to finish.

You’ll be able to apply enthusiastically your learnings to your work, helping you to perform better and accelerate your career.

  • Guided Mentorship

You won’t be alone in the learning process, as a mentor will guide and help you throughout the journey so that you can finish the course successfully.

  • Tips and Lessons from Experienced Digital Marketers

Experienced digital marketers will be your instructors and most of whom have their own digital marketing agencies. You can be sure that their knowledge comes not only from theories but more importantly, from actual practices in the field.

  • Employability

Having a certificate gives employers the impression that you possess the skills needed for the job, thereby, increasing your ability to get hired.

Social media skills are also universal, and thus, a certification can give you an opportunity to get hired by an international company from anywhere in the world.

  • Convenience

Many certificate programs have online sessions, which are convenient for working enrollees who may have limitations with traveling to a physical school.

  • Networking

The enrollees will most likely be other marketers as well. Being in a class with them will allow you to network with people in the same field of interest.


  • Big Investment

Certificate courses aren’t free. You have to be willing to pay for further education in order to reap all the benefits.

  • Time Investment

You need to set aside time to study and complete the course requirements to be qualified for the certification. This may be a challenge for those who are already busy with too much work and other responsibilities.

Marketers who are serious about a social media marketing career and want to have a competitive advantage should invest in social media marketing classes.

While there are time and financial investments involved in getting a certification, the benefits and rewards will far outweigh them in the long haul.


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