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Do You Need a Website to Make Money Online?

Updated on May 7, 2013

Really can I make money online without a website?

Making money online is one of the hardest things to do for most people. What I mean when I say money a value or check you can receive without physically selling or meeting anyone. What I dont mean is earning 10 cents a month with google adsense. Thats not making money, thats finding a dime on the floor and tossing it on the floor of your car. Making money is a check, cash, or account where you can use what you made. With adsense for example making money means reaching a minimum of $100 in a one month period to receive a check or electronic transfer within the next month. If it takes you longer then a few months to see any kind of credit in any form that you can use then your not "making money online". It takes time and effort but you can make money online without owning a website. There are many different ways of doing this. While its true "someone" has to own a website to make money online, you personally do not. There are more and more ways to make money online coming out day after day and if your not a part of it your going to be left behind! Just like in whatever you try to do in the real world like playing a sport well, learning to drive well, learning to swim well, learning to do anything well takes time, energy, effort, and patience. There are only two ways to generate money online...I call these "Solo" and "United" - its a much broader term to hold everything in.

Every other article uses money as an image reference...I use donuts ^.^
Every other article uses money as an image reference...I use donuts ^.^

United Income Streams

United means over-time royalty type generated income. This kind of income isn't normally structured - although it very well can be. This is what includes various advertisement income (ppc, ppm), royalty stock photos, vector images, and things of that nature. This also entails many of the "associate" programs that exist. This way of making money takes the "united" effort of many different consumers and pages to generate income. The income from these streams also need to be verified by the affilate company and takes normally a month or two after reaching some kind of threshold to get paid. This kind of income is often ignored and overlooked by skeptical people who have tried and failed by not earning anything in the first few months of trying them.

Physical Job Example:
Music Artist (Royalty per track/cd)

Solo Income Streams

Solo means to me earning money upfront once for a product or service. This kind of income comes from direct sales such as someone paying you into your paypal for a royalty free company logo. Due to the fact its then trademarked and copyrighted by the company after full rights sales are transferred you earn nothing else off it. This could also be a song or article etc. that doesnt pay any kind of over-time royalties to the creator. This could also be a service, for example remotely repairing a computer for a one time fee of $20. Again, the service is given for an upfront amount that you that day have access to and can use for anything. This time of income is seen almost like an online version of a pizza delivery driver, you receive cash and satisfaction upfront.

Physical Job Example:
Pizza Delivery Driver

Now that a distinction between the two main categories of online income are understood here is an example of some ways to accomplish both of them. Remember, both are accomplished without having or owning your own website - but you will have to have access to an internet connection to use these services. Unless this article is printed out hanging on a wall im almost positive you have access to an internet connection. Some of the examples can be argued to fit under both categories - for these I use this mentality "Its a way to generate income online, the general way it works fits under "blank" category."

Solo Income Streams

Fiverr - A place to do something for the flat rate of $5. One sale makes you $4 and the site keeps $1. You could make a logo, sing a song, do whatever. This is a solo income stream because one client pays you once for one thing you create/do. Paid to a Paypal account, you can use once received.

Brandstack - A place to sell a logo design. You sell it once for all rights to the logo. You make money once on one unique idea if sold. There are no ongoing royalties.

Craigslist - A place where you can sell something you own or a service you preform. You receive payment upfront or at time of sale/service once.

eBay - An auction site for a product you make money on once and receive payment before shipping it.

Google Adsense Makes Article Writers Money

United Income Streams

Article Writer - Writing online articles that are then published in the open is one of the top ways to make money from a united income stream. Each article platform provides a free space to store your article. Your articles then make money off impressions and clicks from people who visit your article. Article writers also in many cases have affiliations like Amazon Affiliates that you earn a commission based on a sale. The reason why this isnt under Solo income for a sale is due to the fact you need to reach a payout threshold. All of these offer split revenue from visitors:
Hubpages | Squidoo | Helium | About | Triond | Wizzley

Stock Photography
- This also can fit under both streams depending on what license is purchased by the consumer. Most of the time stock photos are sold on a usage basis for a much lower fee then buying the full rights to the photograph. Its simple, a photographer takes say 100 photos and uploads them to these stock sites. A web designer then needs one of the images the photographer provided. He would then pay $1-10 for the usage of that image on his website. The photographer would then receive a percentage of that sale depending on the size purchased. All of these use this method:
123RF | iStockphoto | Bigstockphoto | Fotolia | Dreamstime | Shutterstock

Note: Most of these sites also accept illustrations and videos. More then just photos.


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    • icciev profile image

      icciev 5 years ago from Kuwait

      Will thanks for this nice and simple instructions, and for the list of money resources, voted up

    • Cyndi10 profile image

      Cynthia B Turner 5 years ago from Georgia

      Thanks for categorizing the ways to make money online. Well done.

    • Jennie Demario profile image

      Venture Boyz 5 years ago from Floating in the clouds

      fantastic resource. i never heard of brandstack before it looks cool. have you ever tried fiverr before? I wonder what the most popular types of gigs are or how you could differentiate yourself from the others.

    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 5 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      @Jennie Demario I personally haven't used Fiverr. I did see the special about it on Good Morning America awhile back and I do have a friend who claims he made about $160 doing college students coding homework assignments. Its a great way to make money but sometimes you pay or dont get paid even if you rendered your talent (it almost runs off the honor system tbh...) I dont know if that changed or not.

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