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Do You Need to Earn Money?

Updated on February 20, 2016

Perhaps you have been running out of money lately. The experts say to budget and that would be wise. However, many people simply are not bringing in enough money in the first place. If you fit into this category then you need to earn money to increase your income and solve this problem.

Sell Your Books on the Application Book Scouter.

It is very likely that you have old books around at home. They may be collecting dust or else you know you never will read or pick it up again. Get some money for those! There is an application (app) called Book Scouter. There are many websites that buy books and so Book Scouter is like an aggregator that takes the ISBN number on your book and checks all the other smaller websites to see which are buying it and at what price.

Make Videos to Sell Affiliate Products.

Everyone has heard of YouTube by now. Many have even heard tales of the much-admired YouTube Millionaires. Even if you don't become one of those legendary success stories, you can still make money on YouTube. How? Simple. Become an affiliate of a company or product that you like. Then make a video and promote your affiliate link with it.

Take Online Surveys.

There are plenty of stay at home moms who take online surveys daily. The amount of money is not usually very high but if done every day it could be a way to earn money for you. You may have to waste a little time at first as you try out each company to see which ones suit you the most. Keep good records of time spent and money earned at each website.

Design and Sell Items.

Are you good at drawing? If you are able to make a good sketch or painting then you could design items. There are many companies online now that will be able to put your design on various items. Many of these items are shirts, pillows, blankets and coffee mugs. Some of these companies include redbubble, zazzle and cafepress.

Making money is not that hard once you commit to it. Sell your books or try your hand at designing things. You could also make videos and take online surveys. Use your ingenuity and you can get a long way. Earning money takes patience, diligence and a plan as well.

Sell at Flea Markets of Take a Craft Show Table.

Why don't you try joining a craft show? These are held at all times all over the country. You do usually have to pay a fee to take a table. It could be worth it though especially if you get some local contacts that can be regular customers. That could be very helpful and boost your crafting business greatly. Of course you also have the option of selling at a flea market as well. You will have to take some risks in order to get out of the problem you are in and take heart because you can do it.


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    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 16 months ago from Nashville Tn.

      I think it's time for me to sell some of my books - especially those I haven't used in years. Thanks for the tips!

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